10+ Cat Videos that will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably 😂

What could be funnier than cats caught on tape? Cats doing silly stuff while their owner, pardon, servants laugh uncontrollably.

They are something, those purring machines filled with hatred and with a burning desire to take over the world. As a cat servant, I can stake my life on the fact that you never get bored. They meow the soul out of you when they’re hungry, run around like crazy at three in the morning, and go bonkers each time there’s an open box around. And because we simply adore these bundles of joy, here are 10 cat videos that will brighten up your day.

Must love the stupid human to get juicy chicken

This cat is so taken back by the juicy steak in the plate, that it will do almost everything to lay its paws on it.  Just adorable to see how this purring machine headbutts its human while, at the same time, trying to grab the juicy steak. What more can I say? Cats are A-holes, but we love them all the same. Check out the video below.

Waiter! Table for two, por favor

What’s better than having dinner at a fancy restaurant? Turning your living room in a posh dinner for fussy cats. In this video, two cats are seated at a dinner table with two plates in front of them. No, they don’t meow for food – they simply ring the bell, and the waiter comes a-running. Talk about great service.

Entertain me, slave!

Think that there’s nothing more romantic than to play the piano for your SO? Dead wrong! Here’s a video where the owner soothes his purring machine to sleep by playing a smooth tune on his electric keyboard. Love knows no boundaries, and his mistress rewards him appropriately.

Stop playing with that light stick, you maniac!

Need a better incentive to quit smoking? Get a cat. In this video, the cat cannot stand the sight of his slave lighting up, well, his lighter. And because only a healthy servant can bring treats, the cat will paw and scratch out the stupid light stick. Check out the video for yourself.

When your cat is your esse

Fist-bumping is, without a doubt, the universal sign of trust and friendship. Apparently, fist-bumping is not only a human thing. You don’t believe? Then watch this killer video below to see a cool cat greeting its human in the most gangsta way possible. Brothers 4 life!

To eat or not to pet? That be the question.

Cats and birds are natural enemies. Or so they teach us in school. Here’s a video of a cat that gives zoology a knuckle-sandwich in the mouth. The cutest part of the vid is that the cat actually tries to be as gentle as possible with the tiny bird, which doesn’t seem to be too disturbed by the purring machine’s presence.

Will you get on with it already?

A mother’s touch cannot be anything but soothing. However, sometimes the little ones need a gentle nudge to get going. This seems to be the case in this amusing video, where the momma cat grows tired of watching her baby clinging to the side of the box. So, she gives him a little help.

Mom! What’s that on your face?

As a cat owner, I can safely vouch that there’s no being on this world more curious than a cat. They’ll stick their little noses everywhere, schlepp along after you, whether you like it or not. The cat from the next video has surely learned that too much curiosity can kill a cat or at least give it one Hell of a scare. I won’t give you any spoiler; suffice to say that it has something to do with a mask. Enjoy!

Curling is so mainstream

Why would anyone fork over hundreds of dollars for a curling match when you can do that it in your own house? All you need is a fluffy cat, a freshly-waxed floor, and patience. Check out how much fun this bundle of joy is having.

“But I want to eat the fishy.”

Sibling rivalry is not uncommon. Even the animal world has its share of funny quarrels between brothers and sisters. In this video, the younger brother’s hunting instinct kicks in as he watches a fish bowl.  However, there’s no chance of him every eating the fishy, not on his older brother’s watch.

James Bond has nothing on me, baby.

Rule number one of having a cat: never leave your food unattended. Usually, this one applies to meat cuts, but because cats are weird, here’s one that steals his owner’s salad. Best part – the cat doesn’t get caught. Houdini has nothing on you, sweetheart.

“No, get your own, stupid”

You know the saying: “sharing is caring”. Well, apparently not for this cat which doesn’t like to share the treat with his sibling. In other words: “that’s mine and you can’t have it, so buzz off!”

“Rule Number One: we don’t ever talk about the kitten fight club.”

How would you feel about a Fight Club reboot with kittens instead of real actors? Unfortunately, there’s no demand for that, but I can give you the next best thing: two kittens having the most adorable fight ever. Check out the video.

“Go easy on the conditioner, human.”

Cats and water just don’t mix. Every owner’s worst nightmare is bath time. Well, apparently not for this dude, whose cat enjoys long, spongy baths. What can I say? Every rule has an exception, I guess.

This puny cat ain’t got nothing on me

If it’s one thing I can tell you about cats is that they are attention-seekers. Check out this fluffy purring machine that wants to grab his human’s attention by emulating a plastic Lucky cat toy. Now that’s what I call a copy-cat!

I hope I’ve managed to make your day a little brighter. Enjoy the rest of your work day, and cats rule!

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