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Here at Ten.info, we believe that all lists should be afforded equal opportunity. In other words, your lists matter to us.

Although we may offer financial compensation for writing, we will also give you recognition with a link to your website or profile in your biography at the end of the post. So, if you have a list that you would like us to publish, then read on!

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Write for us (Guest Posting) Guidelines

1) Our Content Plan

We give priority to writers that choose topics from our content plan:

  • Top 10 Sites Like Craigslist [Done]
  • Top 10 Best American Presidents
  • Top 10 Economies in the World by GDP in 2021
  • Top 10 Fastest Cars in the World in 2021
  • Top 10 Sexiest Girls in The World 2021
  • Top 10 Sexiest Men in the World 2021 [Done]
  • 10 Tattoos For Women With Meaning [Done]
  • Top 10 Most Popular Video Games Ever
  • Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas For Men [Done]
  • Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Woman
  • Top 10 Fantasy Books worth reading [Done]
  • Ten inspirational movie quotes that could change your life [Done]

2) Choose a topic

Generally speaking, TEN.info is dedicated to readers interested in learning new things every day. We are always looking for new and unique content, so please send it to us if you have an idea.

3) Be Creative

Good writing is simple writing. Avoid clichés and jargon. Read, re-read and strike out repetition. Your post must be original and must have never been published before on the Internet. Also, we aim only for quality content, not rewritten, spun content.

4) Word count & Formatting

Practically, our content is usually about 1500-2000 words long, so make sure your content is not less than 800 words.

  • Make sure your article is in 10+ List format. Ex: 10 Free OSes for your PC or laptop
  • Divide your post into short, easy-to-skim paragraphs.
  • Use subheadings for each meaningful point and mark them with h2 tags.
  • Emphasize your main points by making them bold.
  • End your post with a powerful conclusion and an open question to engage readers and encourage comments.
  • Attach images and/or Youtube videos related to the content.

5) Links

You can promote your website and social profiles in the author’s byline or article content – we allow two backlinks in there. The links need to be related to the content and added there as it brings value to the article, not for promotional matters.
However, we welcome links to other sources in the body as long as they improve readers’ experience.

6) Write for us again

Keep in mind that writing for  The Educational Network (TEN.info) is an ongoing opportunity. If your post got accepted once, you’re welcome to write for us again, and if you continue to write, you may join our team of contributors and later on become a TEN.info full-time author.

Showcase your expertise, build your online reputation, get links, and promote your website to our readership!

7) Make sure it’s not promotional only

We are interested only in articles that are informative and helpful to our international audience. If you are interested in advertising/promoting your product or service, check our advertising packages.

Send your article/sample.

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