Contest (The Educational Network) is a community-oriented platform. Since we value our readers more than anything (except for well-organized information, maybe), we want to give them the opportunity to make their voices heard. As such, we’re hosting a competition with submissions from our users.

What you need to do

Submit an article to us via the contact form by the 20th of every month. Make sure it’s no shorter than 1000 words, that it’s well-formatted, and that it falls within the scope of our site (i.e. that it looks like something you’d want to read on

We will review it, to see if it meets our criteria for publication. If it does, we will ask our other readers and social media followers to assess it. The best articles will receive a prize in money, payable via PayPal.

Contest FAQ

What if there’s just one submission this month?

We will wait until we have at least two viable submissions for the contest.

What if my article doesn’t get published?

We will inform you of this. You will then be allowed to post the article on any other website or blog.

Can I repost an article that I wrote and had published on, but which didn’t win?

Rights over published material belong to With the proper source credit, you can repost it – as long as you mention as the original source (e.g.: “Article originally published on”).

In all other cases, a re-post will be considered plagiarism and we will take all action necessary to have it removed.