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10 Odd Tidbits from World War 2

If ever a saying would be crowned, that’s “war is Hell!”. Unanimously considered one of the most atrocious conflagrations in human history, the six-year conflict claimed of over 85 million people and scarred the lives of twice as many. In memory of all the men and women who have sacrificed …

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10 Largest Warships In History

People have always wanted to build things larger, faster, and stronger than what they had before; the military world is no exception to this trend. Since ancient times, having a strong and well-organized navy has been crucial for any world power to maintain its position. As a result, thousands of …

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10 Best WW2 Generals

10 Greatest Generals of World War II

In this article, we pay tribute to the best generals of World War II. The fate of the whole world could have been different if we didn’t need them to make the most troublesome decisions and to direct the troops in times of great despair. They followed a particular set …

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10 maps that explain Russia’s strategy

Many people think of maps in terms of their basic purpose: showing a country’s geography and topography. But maps can speak to all dimensions—political, military, and economic. In fact, they are the first place to start thinking about a country’s strategy, which can reveal factors that are otherwise not obvious. …

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