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Our readership is comprised of young, digitally savvy and upwardly mobile web users. What’s more, most of them come from the most profitable market demographic: young, mobile-literate, English speaking, and holding the biggest purchase power.

If your brand needs a visibility boost, then they’re the ones you want to target.

Traffic Stats

We’re still fresh, which means our metrics are constantly updating and increasing. We only provide such data on request because we don’t want to inadvertently mislead anyone with outdated information.

Contact us to send you a detailed media kit for that includes traffic stats, demographics and traffic sources.

Advertising Opportunities

1. Banner ads

We are offering the following advertising spaces.

  • 728×90 Header & Footer
  • 728×90 below Header
  • 468×60 below Article
  • 300×250 Sidebar

We will set up the banner spaces to not be blocked by adblockers (by default) so you will get maximum exposure.

2. Guest Posting

We allow guest posting and we are 100% compliant with Google’s policies so we don’t accept any money for publishing. Your article needs to be interesting for our readership and should meet our editorial guidelines.

Find out more on our Write for us page.

3. Sponsorship package

If you’d like to make your product or service known to our large audience (±50.000 members) this package is perfect for you. Our customers experience loads of really targeted traffic, leads, and sales.

A sponsorship package includes the following:

  • A sponsored article or review of your product or service.
  • Banners of your company on our website.
  • 20 Tweets on our 6K+ Twitter audience + promotion on our 6K+ Facebook audience.
  • 2-3 issues to our dedicated newsletter to our 25000 email audience.
  • Promotion on our internet marketing network of sites.

Price: from $350

Note: Before ordering the package, contact us so we can see if your product and service fit our audience.

Need help?

If you need help please contact us using the contact form or simply email us at info(@) (remove the brackets). We’ll be glad to guide you on every step making sure everything works for you as expected.