10 Best Alpha Male Movies List for Guys
10 Best Alpha Male Movies List for Guys

Best Alpha Male Movies List for Guys [Top 13+]

Watching alpha males in action can help a man replicate the behavior of what he’s seeing. If you’re trying to “fake it ’til you make it” or need some quick visual pointers to boost confidence, then entertainment is the place to seek it.

In movies that are meant for a male audience, typically, the protagonist is an alpha male, and many times the villains are as well.

I consider these to be the best alpha male movies for guys looking to improve themselves, and they’re some of the most badass films for men in general.

13. Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates are always a source of alpha male behavior.

They manipulate, seduce women, and put themselves first. Plus, being the Captain is an illustrious title because they lead other men. All of the movies get some of the best actors in Hollywood, including Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, and Ian McShane.

Jack Sparrow, acted by Johnny Depp, is such a fun character to watch and impossible not to love. There is something very comforting and manly about Sparrow, even though he’s a little too friendly and odd at times.

The pirate-turned-captain always finds a smooth way to talk himself out of trouble, just like a real alpha male.

12. Jason Statham in The Transporter

Jason Statham plays a badass martial art and driving expert. Men enjoy all of these movies, and each one has its group of villains to deal with. While it may be an action and fighting movie, Jason Statham does get to portray his alpha male characteristics in more than enough scenes as well.

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11. George Clooney in Ocean’s 11

The Oceans franchise keeps almost the same team intact throughout all of the movies. Each member is an alpha male in some way, bringing diverse expertise to the group.

George Clooney plays the group leader and seeing as the group is a group of friends, it’s not dissimilar to any group of friends you may have. For that reason, it shows the interesting dynamics between men in an alpha male-heavy group.

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10. Daniel Craig in James Bond

Every actor who has portrayed James Bond has brought the most alpha male character to the big screen at the time. As time has gone on, the actors have molded with the times to become even more badass.

The entire collection of Bond movies is a must-watch for any guy. If you’re short on time and want to watch an alpha male in a film, the best one to grab immediately is Casino Royale. Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Bond is by far the most alpha male. He’s playing Bond in a time when the title of “badass” isn’t given away quickly, and he certainly earns the title.

David Craig is also in the latest Bond movie: No time to die, released in April 2020. This movie is featured in our Best Spy Movies of the all-time top.

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9. Gerard Butler in 300

In 300, Gerard Butler plays the Spartan king Leonidas. Similar to Troy/Gladiator, Butler plays an alpha male character in a leadership role. A notable scene from the film is when he’s standing right in front of Xerxes, and despite the complete size disadvantage, he has the fortitude to tell him off. The confidence and body language from that scene alone make 300 a worthwhile watch.

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8.  Robert Deniro in Goodfellas

Robert DeNiro maybe 70+ years old now, but he still holds himself as a prideful and respected man. Many of his films are iconic, including:

  • Goodfellas
  • The Godfather
  • Casino
  • The Bronx Tale
  • The Untouchables
  • Raging Bull

Robert DeNiro deserves his place on the list, with all of his movies being used as a reference. Without a doubt, DeNiro is one of the few guys in Hollywood who has played alpha males for decades. The man is just a badass. With his body language, his authoritative voice, and his mannerisms, he’s one of, if not THE guy to watch. In virtually all of these films, Robert plays a larger-than-life character.

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7. Will Smith in Hitch

This rom-com gave Smith the chance to be a romantic lead, starring as a man who hooks up male clients with the women of their dreams. The closest he’s come to reliving the Fresh Prince days, Hitch piles on one ridiculous situation after another as Smith tries to coach Kevin James on dating and woo his own love interest, co-star Eva Mendes.

One question remains: Why the hell doesn’t Will Smith get called on to do romantic comedies more often?

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6. Brad Pitt in Fightclub

Brad Pitt is a man that oozes confidence and beauty. Two specific characters of his stick out as alpha males.

  1. Tyler Durden – The fighting machine that is the center of the Fight Club movie. Durden is the man that everyone wants to be but is too afraid to act on.
  2. Achilles – The best warrior that the world has ever known. Achilles goes into battle fearlessly and kills all those to get in his path. This myth-become-legend is larger-than-life.

Just keep in mind that there are many more badass alpha male roles played by Brad Pitt that you should check out as well!

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5. Matt Daemon in Jason Bourne

The Bourne films are a series of action spy thriller movies based on the character Jason Bourne, a CIA assassin suffering from extreme memory loss who must figure out who he is.

The Bourne movies give Damon a serious-looking leading character. Jason Bourne is an interesting case of masculine ideals. He shares 007’s physical endurance and mental sharpness that, with age (Damon is 45; was 29 in The Bourne Identity), has grown cynical and world-weary.

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4. Marlon Brando in Godfather

Don Vito Corleone (aka the Godfather) is the greatest movie character in the world, ever, according to a poll of American film experts. The role of Don Vito Corleone was played by Brando, in The Godfather, and by Robert de Niro, in 1974’s The Godfather 2.

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Both actors won Oscars for their performances, although Brando famously refused to protest at government treatment of the Native Americans.

3. Russell Crowe in Gladiator

Russell Crowe plays one of the biggest badasses in movies as Maximus. The scene that stands out most to me is when he leads the men inside the arena. He is a natural-born leader, and the other slaves naturally follow his lead. He stands out and makes his voice heard, and the other men respect and follow him for it.

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2. A Bronx Tale

1. Jon Hamm (Don Draper) in Mad Men TV series

Don Draper (Jon Hamm) in Mad Men
Don Draper (Jon Hamm) in Mad Men

Don Draper has several traits that would classify him as an “alpha male”: Leader of men, assertive, bold, decisive, etc… But with regards to the male/female dynamics, he NEVER pursues women…He is always the one who is pursued.

Even when he is pursued, it still takes work for the woman to actually “get him”…He is not always easily persuaded because a woman happens to be hot and offering herself to him. The woman must have something worthwhile for him to accept their offer.

The character portrayed as Don Draper is an excellent example of a true alpha male. You should also check John Slattery in the role of Roger Sterling which is doing great in business and with the ladies 🙂

Roger Sterling and Don Draper in Mad Men scene
Roger Sterling and Don Draper in the Mad Men scene

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There you have it: 10 best alpha male movies that I recommend you to watch. Please pay attention to how they deal with issues that arise and how these actors behave. Here is a list of the top 10 alpha male traits that these characters follow.

Also, you should check our top 10 gangster movies list. You don’t have to be a gangster to act alpha but acting sharp in difficult situations. It’s an alpha male treat.

You can watch these movies online for free on one of the 18 best websites to watch movies online.

Your turn now! What’s, in your opinion, the best movie with alpha male characteristics?

Vote in the poll below:

What other movies like this you know?

Let us know in the comments below, and we will improve the list.

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