Top 10 Alpha Male Traits & How To Train themPin
Top 10 Alpha Male Traits & How To Train them

Top 10 Alpha Male Traits & How To Train them

There is no hard to figure out that people are more attracted to the strong alpha male traits than a weak beta male. Of course, this is happening because evolution created us this way.

You would say that today we can go to the supermarket to buy food instead of hunting and fishing, the police force is taking care of us if somebody would try to attack us. That’s true but keep in mind that a hundred or two years can’t change the thousands of years of hard-wired experiences in our brains, helping us survive.

Besides that, as you will discover by reading this article, the alpha male may differ from what you have in mind. It’s not a pack of muscles that will start fighting everywhere. That’s nothing far from the truth. Someone that loses his cool fast will start fights will lose his energy pretty soon.

I’m writing this article based on my own experience and the transformation of myself I’m doing for over 15 years.

What does it mean to be an Alpha Male?

The traits of an alpha male are attractive cause they bring you success in life. Women want to be with a winner. They want somebody who adds value to their lives, instead of a loser who every time needs something from her or someone who cants take care of himself.

The alpha male makes her feel safe, is fun to be with, and generally has a more exciting life. They are the leaders of society.

Why are most men BETAs?

Cause it’s much more comfortable. People are lazy, and it takes less effort. It’s less difficult to remain a weak, nice guy, staying at home on the couch playing video games than going out, living life, and making something of yourself.

So what makes somebody a so-called alpha male?

Are you wondering what the traits of an alpha male are? And more importantly, how can you display these traits to use them to your advantage?

Wait no more. Here are the top 10 alpha male traits. Please read them carefully, understand them, seek examples when you followed them and when not, and what the results were.

1. An alpha male is confident

Confidence is mandatory if you want to have success with women or in day-to-day life.  To be confident, you should have faith in yourself and your capabilities and don’t doubt yourself.


Look at every situation as a challenge, knowing you may succeed or at least learn a valuable lesson, instead of being crippled by insecurity.

Confidence is not to be mistaken for being overly arrogant. You can be a little bit cocky, but usually combined with a great sense of humor can make it a killer combination.

Below it’s a nice, short video that highlights some tips that will help you be more confident.

2. An alpha male feels comfortable in his skin.

That’s very important as well. You may be short or skinny or maybe fat. It’s essential to feel good about yourself. And if there are things that you can improve, then do it. If you’re short, you can’t increase your height, but if you are fat, you can hit the gym or even do exercises at home. The bottom line is to try to be your best version of yourself.

3. The alpha male is dominant.

He’s a leader.

He will lead a woman, but men will also respect him and follow him. Note that when he’s taking the lead, he’s not controlling her, neither is he trying to force his leadership on her. He’s got the ability to influence others with his intellectual and social skills.

4. He’s a decision-maker.

Because he is confident, he’s also more inclined to take necessary risks in life. He doesn’t ask her where she wants to go or what she wants to eat,…

For example, an alpha male would say: “Let’s finish our drinks and go have a bite at (this place)!” A beta male more often will make a vague statement or question, looking for someone else to take the lead. “This place is boring, and I’m hungry; how about you?” “Or would you like to stay some more?”

Once again, this doesn’t mean that you need every time to do things on your way. But you should consider what you want and act accordingly. Don’t do something that you don’t want to do just because you’re afraid of other people’s reactions.

5. The alpha male is always behind the wheel.

He will choose his direction. An alpha never loses his cool; he’s always calm and controlled, and he doesn’t quickly lose his temper. He’s capable of dealing with stress and is emotionally stable.

Even when faced with rejection, he will always react calmly and show her that nobody can easily break his positive mental state. He will take what he learned, finetune his skills and start looking for a new challenge.

In the same situation, a beta male will often react all butthurt, sad, and pathetic, which will make him even less attractive. He’s just proven her right and shown her that she was right to reject him. Even worse, after that, he will keep chasing her and putting the blame on her until she is repelled.

As you may already know, Communication usually happens more on a subconscious and non-verbal level.

Compared to men, women are masters in reading the non-verbal side of a situation/conversation. It means that by just looking at your body language, she can tell if you’re the right deal or not. She will notice that an alpha male has a very open, proud, and upright posture.

6. He’s not afraid to be present and take up space.

He doesn’t avoid eye contact and has a friendly smile. He talks loud and slow, in a very controlled, non-nervous manner. He’s laid back and usually has a relaxed way of doing things. (In a later post, we dive deeper into this subject.)

Women don’t just read your body language. They also notice the social environment. A worthy man will often be the center of a conversation. He’s the social center of the room, and women will see that. People are reacting to him instead of the other way around. He knows how to connect with people and is socially intelligent.

7. A true alpha is not attention-seeking.

If you want to become an alpha male, don’t look for constant validation to increase your self-esteem. Don’t try to qualify yourself to women’s standards. You should make the woman qualify to you.

He’s showing her a willingness to walk away instead of throwing himself in front of her feet. Instead of putting her on a pedestal, he makes himself the prize.

She knows he’s looking for more than just a pretty face. She knows that she has to step up her game. This is also why he will not be texting her all day long. This is a beta thing to do because it comes off as very needy and will lower your value to her.

When he’s talking to a beautiful woman, he feels a great sense of entitlement. His mental frame is a frame where he is giving her a chance to prove herself.

8. The alpha cares for people.

He can be generous and very polite. Although he leads women, he can still open doors for her, offer his coat in the rain, stand up for her on the bus, etc.

But there’s a distinct difference between a man who’s chasing her and putting her on a pedestal. He’s not just nice to get in her pants! He’s doing it because he feels it’s the right thing to do. And he’s right: a real man takes care of a woman.

9. The alpha male is very driven and focused.

He has goals in life and knows where he wants to be. His main goal is not to get women! He’s continually trying to improve his skills to be successful. He’s got many other purposes: a blooming career, money, good health, nice friends, hobbies, etc.

Being successful with women is just a tiny part of it. Luckily, that is precisely why he is so attractive:

10. Women are not his mission in life.

Most probably, you landed on this article because you heard or seen that women desire alpha males. That’s right, but this is a consequence of the fact that they have their life in order, they take care of themselves and their wishes.

Conclusions on alpha male traits

Now that you know the top 10 alpha male traits make sure you follow them daily. Nothing gets more respect from others than a person that has his life in order.

Need some more guidance? Check the best alpha males movies for guys. You can watch alpha male movies for free here.

So do you think you’ve got what it takes to become an Alpha Male? I want to read your opinions in the comments.

Stay tuned!

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