Top 10 Non-Binary CelebritiesPin
Top 10 Non-Binary Celebrities

Top 10 Non-Binary Celebrities

Prescribing to a specific gender and sexual norms is a thing of the past. More and more celebrities are joining the equality fight by combating these gender stereotypes in today’s world.

Celebrities publicly speak out about their gender identities and sexual preferences, paving the way for a more generous world acceptance. These famous people are unique, with their fashion sense and style reflecting that.

As the ten non-binary celebrities below show, famous faces can shatter both gender and style stereotypes.

10. Steven Tyler

Many fans didn’t think about it when Aerosmith first made their debut since most rock bands focused on androgynous fashion, but lead singer Steven Tyler has always kept with the same gender-neutral style.

He has admitted he feels like just as much of a woman as a man, and he isn’t ashamed to show it through his fashion.

People know Steven Tyler’s hair because he maintains it perfectly, paints his nails, and rarely makes makeup-less. Other feminine accessories like scarves always seem to don this non-binary rocker.

Steven Tyler - Non-Binary Top CelebrityPin
Steven Tyler – Non-Binary Top Celebrity
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9. Justin Vivian Bond

Justin Vivian BondPin
Justin Vivian Bond
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Gaining popularity as a drag queen, Justin Vivian Bond reached fame through his activism and cabaret performances. As one of many non-binary celebrities who have been in the trenches for decades, Bond’s style is daring and original.

Justin Vivian uses fashion to address gender issues and draw attention to individualism. Bond uses feminine dresses and elegant jewellery to shatter gender stereotypes and refuses to identify with a particular gender. Seductive fashion can suit any gender, as proven by Justin Vivian Bond.

8. Sam Smith

Sam Smith - Top Non Binary CelebritiesPin
Sam Smith – Top Non-Binary Celebrities

With his seductive voice capturing the hearts of millions around the world, Sam Smith feels just as much a woman as he does a man. Like other non-binary celebrities, he has used his platform to discuss his struggle to discover who he was.

While his fashion sense tends to be more masculine, with suits and clever jackets, Smith has stated that makeup, high-heels, dresses, and a woman’s life had always fascinated him. His biggest fashion inspirations include Boy George and Marilyn Monroe.

7. Tilda Swinton

Top 10 Non-Binary Celebrities – Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton has been known for her generally neutral appearance and personality since her acting debut. She is known for her for many acting roles and has always been vocal about her pansexual, non-binary status.

Swinton admits that her feeling on her gender changes daily and that her style reflects that. On days she feels more feminine, one can find her in elegant dresses. On days she feels more masculine, one can find her in smart suits. Tilda Swinton also leans more towards androgynous characters in movies as well, to ensure a natural transition.

6. Eliot Sumner

Eliot SumnerPin
Eliot Sumner
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Gaining fame just from being the daughter of famous musician Sting, Eliot Sumner refuses to believe in gender labels and wishes to be called a musician.’ She has been open about the pressure she felt as a child to dress and behave a certain way.

Because of this, she prefers her fashion and style to be more casual. She sports casual t-shirts, jeans, and combat boots. By rarely wearing makeup and leaving her hair simple, she has challenged the female idea of beauty.

5. Eleanor “Elly” Jackson

Elly JacksonPin
Elly Jackson

Elly is the singer of the award-winning musical duo La Roux. Jackson does not identify with either gender and refuses to speak of her sexuality publicly. Fans adore her androgynous appearance and electronic energy.

Jackson reached fame with her iconic short, red hair, and even her band name came up intending to blur gendering roles (using both masculine and feminine French grammar). Elly’s breakout style blends bold makeup with masculine suits to create a look all her own.

4. Amandla Stenberg

Non-Binary Celebrities - Amandla StenbergPin
Non-Binary Celebrities – Amandla Stenberg

Best known for Rue in The Hunger Games, Amandla Stenberg is an actor, model, and activist. Since rising to stardom, Stenberg has spoken out about LGBT issues and has identified as pansexual and non-binary.

As part of the younger generation of non-binary celebrities, she has challenged the fashion norm related to gender. Amandla is known for wearing feminine but unique clothing. She believes in donning fashion that makes her feel powerful at that moment, regardless of gender stereotypes.

3. Angel Haze

Top 10 Non-Binary Celebrities - Angel HazePin
Top 10 Non-Binary Celebrities – Angel Haze

Angel Haze is a biracial, non-binary rapper who has amassed a giant fan following. While she may respond to a “she/her” pronoun, she believes she does not fit into any category.

Haze identifies with two different spirits within her and uses her music to speak out about a sexual assault and LGBT issues. Her fashion shows fans that feminine and masculine styles can be blended to create an individual style that is no one else’s.

Her tattoos, sneakers, makeup, and casual jeans work together to break the chains of gender identity.

2. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus - Non Binary CelebritiesPin
Miley Cyrus – Non-Binary Celebrities

She is best known for her many roles in Disney-franchise movies and TV shows. Miley Cyrus has always had a wild sense of style and has met heavy criticism for it.

When asked about her gender association, Cyrus states that she cannot be put into a certain box in which other people define which gender she should be. From classic, feminine looks to wild makeup and hair color, Miley Cyrus breaks the mold of celebrity fashion.

1. Ruby Rose

Top non-binary Celebrity - Ruby RosePin
Top non-binary Celebrity – Ruby Rose

Rose quickly rose to stardom as an internet sensation. She is one of many non-binary celebrities who have gained fame based on their gender-neutral status.

Ruby Rose has always been straightforward and honest about her sexuality and identity as a model, actress, and activist. Also, she enjoys blending the masculinity of short hair and tattoos with the femininity of makeup and seductive clothing. Whether she’s rocking flannel or a sexy bikini, Ruby Rose refuses to fit into any category.

Conclusion on top non-binary celebrities

No matter what an individual may refer to themselves as one thing is for sure: the non-binary celebrities above have an important role: to ensure every person lives in a world that accepts and loves them.

By not conforming to gender stereotypes and gossips, these celebrities dress, live, and love the way they choose; a true inspiration to us all.

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