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Best Tattoos For Women

Best Tattoos For Women [With meaning] [Top 10]

Pick one of our best tattoos for women and get some ink that will bring out the best in you. Alt-text: two hands with tattoos shaking.

Nowadays, having tattoos, or as many would say, having ink, is very popular among all ages and genders. There can be many motivating factors when one decides to ink their body permanently.

Most importantly, tattoos should have a special meaning to the person that is getting them. Otherwise, very soon, you will be at a point in your life when you dislike what you have “painted” on your body.

Your body is your temple, so treat it as such. Therefore, ladies, we are here to inspire you and help you make the right choice. Here are some of the best tattoos for women that have significant meaning.

Best meaningful tattoos for women  

When getting a tattoo, there are two major decisions that you need to make. First, you must decide what symbol, picture, or saying you will tattoo on your body.

Second, where do you want your ink to be on your body?

Do not rush these decisions, and be certain when you make them.

Even the most beautiful women in the world cannot pull off a meaningless and tasteless tattoo. We present to you some great ideas for your future ink.

If you want your tattoo to be meaningful and spiritual, choose one of our suggested tattoos for women.

#10 – A semicolon

Semicolon TattooPin
Semicolon Tattoo

This well-known punctuation sign represents a pause in a sentence, but not its ending. You can feel the symbolism. Because of its meaning, women most often get this tattoo after experiencing a turbulent life event. It can be related to moving on after a stressful time or event in one’s life.

Cat Semicolon TattooPin
Cat Semicolon Tattoo
Wrist TattooPin
Wrist Tattoo

Another great thing about a semicolon tattoo is that it is tinny. Therefore, this type of ink can be placed anywhere on your body. So, get a semicolon tattoo and turn a new page in your life. Leave the bad behind you.

#9 – Lotus flower

Lotus tattooPin
Lotus tattoo

A flower tattoo might seem like such a cliche. However, the lotus flower is not just like any other flower. It has a profound and spiritual meaning, especially in the Asian religion. A lotus is a flower that struggles before it blooms and reaches its beauty.

Lotus tattooPin
Lotus tattoo

It grows in muddy and dirty water, but it still blooms into a delicate and elegant flower. It can also represent enlightenment. Thus, getting this tattoo will give you the power to bloom and overcome everything ugly happening around you.

Bloom in life just like a lotus flower would. Alt-text: pink lotus flower on the surface of the water.

Lotus tattooPin
Lotus tattoo

#8 – Triquetra

Triquetra tattooPin
Triquetra tattoo

It is a Celtic and Nordic mark, similarly known as The Trinity Knot. It represents the connection between three elements: sky, sea, and water.

Out of all tattoos for women, this is the best choice for those that feel connected to nature and Mother Earth. In addition, this special symbol also represents eternity.

Triquetra tattooPin
Triquetra tattoo

#7 – Cross

Cross tattoos designs ideasPin
Cross tattoos designs ideas

Jesus died on a cross to save the world from its sins. As a result, the cross is a symbol of God’s everlasting love. A cross is one of the most common choices out of all tattoos for women with meaning.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because it is a great representation of one’s devotion to religion. A cross tattoo can bring you peace, and it might be able to release you from stress since you will feel God’s support wherever you may be.

Cross tattoosPin
Cross tattoos

#6 – Dove

Dove tattooPin
Dove tattoo

This special bird is known as a symbol of love and peace. It can also be interpreted as a messenger. Still, those aren’t the only meanings behind this beautiful and elegant bird. Once God brought the flood to Earth, a dove said to Noah that there was land ahead.

Dove tattoo on backPin
Dove tattoo on the back

So, there are religious connotations to this tattoo as well. As you can see, a dove can be interpreted in many ways. One thing is certain; it is a representation of something pure and free.

Dove tattoo ideasPin
Dove tattoo ideas

Get a dove tattoo and feel just as free. Alt-text: white dove landing on a tree branch.

#5 – Water

Impressive Water Drop Tattoo On HandPin
Impressive Water Drop Tattoo On Hand

What better way to ink your body than with a symbol of force. Water is known as one of the greatest symbols of power. Yet, it is also known as a sign of immortality, destruction, and creation. Nevertheless, the symbolism behind water doesn’t end there.

Water can represent serenity and purity. What does water mean to you?

Water can be peaceful but also very powerful. The meaning of water tattoos can be very different. Alt-text: a drop of water falling into peaceful and standstill water.

Cancer Sign Water Tattoo On UpperBackPin
Cancer Sign Water Tattoo On UpperBack

#4 – Tree

Tree tattooPin
Tree tattoo

If you deem yourself a strong and resilient woman, then a tree tattoo is the best choice for you out of all tattoos for women with meaning.

What is more resilient in the eye of a storm than a tree. A tree can also be a religious symbol. Followers of Buddhism are certain that the founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama, got enlightened while sitting under a bodhi tree.

Realistic tree tattoo on the sidePin
Realistic tree tattoo on the side

What a tree means to you might be a mystery, yet it must be something tough and worth having on your body forever.

#3 – Anchor

Anchor tattooPin
Anchor tattoo

Christians believe an anchor to be a representation of eternal life, hope, and salvation. Getting an anchor tattoo can represent salvation from something toxic and the start of something new and positive.

A good idea when wanting a fresh start is not only getting an anchor tattoo but also relocating and changing your old and unhealthy surroundings. Moving can be easy with the help of professionals, so make sure you find the most reliable movers for your relocation.

Anchor tattooPin
Anchor tattoo

#2 – The Zen (Enso) circle

Zen tattoo ideasPin
Zen tattoo ideas

One of the most loved tattoos for women with meaning is the circle of togetherness. This unique symbol signifies one-mindedness, force, and elegance.

Isn’t that everything that is expected of a modern and independent woman?

Zen tattooPin
Zen tattoo

#1 – Meraki

Meraki TattooPin
Meraki Tattoo

We slightly shifted gears. The last of our best tattoos for women are, in fact, not a symbol but a Greek saying. Meraki implies that everything that you do should be done with passion, love, and creativity.

In other words, if your heart is not in it, do not do it. Do things that you are truly passionate about. Life is short, so do not waste it on things that aren’t meaningful to you.

No regrets tattooPin
No regrets tattoo


In the end, when choosing a tattoo, follow the meaning of Meraki. If your heart isn’t in it, you might want to rethink your decision to get a certain tattoo.

Hopefully, our list of best tattoos for women with meaning will guide you in making the best possible choice for yourself.

Your ink should represent the essence of you.

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