Tips For Spending Time During Lockdown [Top 10]

Top 10 Tips For Spending Time During Lockdown

The lockdown has seen ourselves restricted (for the most part) to the confines of our home. Now more than ever we are in need of spending time during a lockdown. Often finding myself flapping between stretches of boredom and anxiety, I have tried and tested many activities to keep myself …

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Largest Warships In History [Top 10]

People have always wanted to build things larger, faster, and stronger than what they had before; the military world is no exception to this trend. Since ancient times, having a strong and well-organized navy has been crucial for any world power to maintain its position. As a result, thousands of …

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Worst Pandemics in History [Top 10]

Top Worst Pandemics in History

Human civilization has witnessed several pandemics since its inception. The different killer pandemics in history mostly originated from the animals and then contaminating the humans leading to massive death. Science proved to be helpless in front of mother nature. As a result, during most of the pandemics, millions of people …

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