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Artificial Intelligence Experts

Most Interesting Artificial Intelligence Experts to Follow [10+]

As the artificial intelligence industry grows, there is increasing access to a number of talented experts who are willing to share their insights into the development of AI.

One of the best ways to keep up with the latest and most important updates in AI is to seek out the opinions of different industry leaders and follow those you’re most interested in learning from.

Below is a list of some of my favorite AI experts to follow.

Almost all of them have written books on the subject, sharing a variety of important perspectives.

Many of them have also given speeches about the topic at conferences and seminars, which you can view on YouTube.

Gerd Leonhard

This futuristic European author and speaker share interesting insights into the ways that technology can change our future and how we can respond to those changes.

I personally enjoy following his work, as he takes a humanistic approach, placing his focus on the unique characteristics of humanity over technology, rather than the other way around. Leonhard’s work also played a substantial part in inspiring me to write this book.

Technology vs. Humanity- The coming clash between man and machinePin
Technology vs. Humanity- The coming clash between man and machine


Book: Technology vs. Humanity: The Coming Clash Between Man and Machine.

Andrew Ng

This world-renowned expert in machine learning and deep learning is the co-chairman and co-founder of Coursera, an adjunct professor at Stanford University, and the head of AI research for Baidu. Also one of the most highly respected educators on the technical aspects of deep learning, he teaches courses on the subject through Coursera, which can be accessed at:



Stuart Russell

Considered to be an AI pioneer, Stuart Russell is a leading AI researcher and professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. Russell has presented numerous papers and speeches relating to the creation of safer AI, which can be viewed on YouTube.


Book: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach.

Artificial Intelligence - A modern approachPin
Artificial Intelligence – A modern approach

Elon Musk

This CEO and co-founder of Tesla is one of the most prominent speakers on the topic of the potential pitfalls of AI. He founded Open AI Research, a non-profit company committed to discovering and enacting a path to safe artificial intelligence technologies.


Demis Hassabis

Founder and CEO of DeepMind, a leading artificial intelligence research firm purchased by Google in 2014, this British neuroscientist is one of the top AI researchers and experts in the world.



Max Tegmark

This Swedish-American cosmologist and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is also the president of the Future of Life Institute. He has written over 200 technical papers on topics ranging from cosmology to artificial intelligence.


Book: Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.

Life 3.0- Being Human in the Age of Artificial IntelligencePin
Life 3.0- Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Kai-Fu Lee

This Taiwanese venture capitalist and CEO of Sinovation Ventures developed the world’s first speaker-independent, continuous speech recognition system as part of his Ph.D. thesis at Carnegie Mellon University.

He is recognized as one of the leading experts on AI technologies in China.


AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World OrderPin
AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order

Fei-Fei Li, PhD

As the Director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab and the Stanford Vision Lab, Fei-Fei Li is one of the leading experts in computer vision. She is also the Chief Scientist of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Google Cloud.


Jenn Wortman Vaughan

As a Senior Researcher for Microsoft Research who specializes in machine learning and algorithmic economics, Jenn Wortman Vaughan focuses on the ways that AI can augment human capabilities.


Nuria Oliver, PhD

Known for her work in computational models of human behavior and big data for social good, Oliver is a Fellow of the European Association of Artificial Intelligence and the co-inventor of 40 patents.

She is currently the Director of Research for Data Science at Vodafone.



Much of the news in mainstream media focuses on predictions about when we will reach artificial general intelligence or artificial super intelligence (or, in other words, when AI will become equally as, or more intelligent than, humans).

These types of discussions can create a sense of worry, or even panic, in some people. In this book, we don’t spend a lot of time on those possible future scenarios, but rather on how AI is being applied right now, as well as its potential applications, and the changes they will likely generate, in the future.

Artificial intelligence technologies and applications have started to become a leading topic in the news. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misleading stories and articles that have generated widespread confusion among the general public. One of the best and most trustworthy sources of up-to-date AI-related news is the AI Index.

This comprehensive website presents a wide array of reliable information about AI, including the latest trends and insights from leading AI experts like Sebastian Thrun, Erik Brynjolfsson, Kai-Fu Lee, and Andrew Ng. This website can be found here

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