How has the pandemic affected the adult sectorPin
How has the pandemic affected the adult sector

How has the pandemic affected the adult sector?

Uncertainty, a word that has been repeated a lot in recent months. After a year that began with thousands of promises and dreams, like any other, but soon changed radically. No one could foresee all the consequences it would bring with it. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all levels worldwide.

Businesses, universities, gyms… Even great traditions and customs such as Christmas or Carnival. The way of living and the way of seeing life has had to change.

A year of restrictions

Quarantines, closure of businesses and borders, mobility restrictions, isolation, curfews, social distancing, use of masks… All to prevent further increase of contagions and, therefore, hospitals’ situation, already overcrowded, from worsening.

Although all these measures taken by governments are “punctual,” they are quite recurrent. This is because they are in line with the daily Covid data. For example, in Peru and Ecuador, they had experienced a second wave during their election period, or in Colombia, they feared the third peak of the disease.

This situation, despite the promise of the vaccine to everyone, has already left strong consequences. One of the clear examples is the so-called oldest profession globally, the adult sector, and mainly the Bangalore escorts, who were strengthened by human contact.


Online enjoyment

This is a highly vulnerable sector that was already highly health-conscious in the past. This year, they had to be creative to adapt to the new situation. The escorts saw how they were no longer able to have physical encounters with their clients from one day to the next.

The contact between people to enjoy this intimate pleasure decreased, although the desire continued.

For all these reasons, the number of video calls has increased. Some of the big portals of adult classified ads like Skokka have turned to work for people who use their website worldwide.

Due to their success, people are trying to take advantage of their brand to carry out some scams and threats. Data on which warns the portal in all its media through a press release on its blog Despite it, thousands of people continue trusting Skokka to publish or contact an ad.

COVID and desire

In this regard, the brand itself, available in up to 27 countries, has analyzed the searches made and the most popular places to check the impact of COVID in this sector. From these analyses, it has extracted data from several of the most affected countries.

In the case of Australia, the image shows that the states and territories that have received the most visits are the same ones that had a higher alert level. Demonstrating that private escorts in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or Brisbane were the most desired Oceanic country.

In the same way, these are some of the more prone areas to place more restrictions and are the most sought-after online for digital services.


Similarly occurs in other countries, like the UK, for example, which is also suffering the effects of the Covid-19. The sexy women seeking men in Scotland are the most visited as it seems the Scottish are still taking more care and soliciting services online.

They have surpassed London in the number of visits to Skokka in cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh. Other areas worth mentioning are the North and Southwest, representing the second and third areas that bring more users to Skokka.

These countries share many things in common, which seems quite normal due to their historical past. Unfortunately, today they also coincide in the health situation. In the midst of an increase in contagions, it is time to be responsible.

Measures taken by zones according to the level of infected people to avoid new deaths, the appearance of new variants, and the rebound of cases.

It is time to be creative and continue to make an effort. Wash your hands, keep your distance, avoid crowds, use face masks and masks and go out as little as necessary.

Straightforward and effective measures. Decisive days with great effects on the near future. Time to use and make the newest technologies that help cope with all these situations and stay close to the most loved ones while respecting health recommendations. The longed-for new normality is getting closer and closer as the number of vaccinated people continues to increase.

It seems quite clear when it’s analyzed that the most searched words in these countries in Skokka are practically the same. After observing what has been mostly written in the portal’s own search engine and comparing it, the pattern is repeated.

It is worth mentioning the appearance of one word among the most searched. This is the case with “video.” Something logical, and that coincides with the restrictions of mobility and social distancing so important right now.


For that, it is crucial to follow health recommendations, take care of oneself and reduce contagions. In this way, the longed-for “new normality” will arrive and can be enjoyed sooner.

It is time to be responsible and continue working together to make progress while increasing the number of vaccinated people.

The adult sector has shown that it can adapt to the new times for people to continue enjoying it.

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