Top 10 Best Bollywood Movies 2019

When you think of Bollywood, unfortunately you remember the features from the early 90s, with rough camera work, poor sound quality and cheesy plot lines. Though Bollywood has not reached quite the same status as America’s Hollywood, Bollywood’s influence in the film world is far greater than its predecessors. The impact social media has had on the industry has been incredible, contributions former Bollywood celebrities have helped thrive the Hindi Cinema, into a whole new level of popularity. With many Bollywood films creating over a billion dollars of revenue per feature. The production value has increased along with a new exciting plot lines.

So far, there seems to be a tough competition still among the movie productions in Bollywood, with every movie produced trying to outweigh the others. As a result, there is always opportunity for improvement, which these producers try to do by bringing a greater movie experience for their audience with every film they produce. Below, we have listed our Top 10 Most Popular Bollywood Movies for the year 2019 in order of revenue created. 

This list contains on Hindi movies of 2019, but Hollywood‘s Avengers End Game created a staggering 366 Crore, the highest grossing movie in India in 2019 to date. So Far, 5 Hindi movies have crossed 100 Crores club in 2019.

10. Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi – 94.27 crore

The story of Rani Lakshmibai, one of the leading female figures in the Indian Rebellion of 1857. This film tells the story of her resistance to the British Empire, showing no mercy along the road to victory, with only the beat of her heart holding her back. The film made a staggering $1,14 billion in the box office, surprisingly only landing 10th on our Top 10 Bollywood films of 2019.

9. Gully boy 134.3 crore

The classic underdog story of Murad dreaming for a better life. He loves his neighbour just as much as he loves to write down his emotions and frustrations onto paper. His life takes a turn when meeting MC sher at a rap college and later being taken under his wing, kick-starting a rap team together. This classical love story made a huge $1.6 billion and was nominated for the best motion picture 2019. The movie was based on the lives of Naezy and Divine, two indian artists who lived a pretty rough life, scoring an awesome soundtrack to the film .

8. Super 30 – 143.55 crore

The heart warming performance of the brilliant mathematician Anand Kumar, shows a triumphant story of a teacher facing a number of challenges throughout his professional career. He takes on the challenge to prepare 30 underprivileged kids for their entrance exams into the Indian Institutes of Technology. For him to set an example for the world to see he must overcome any problems the world throws at him. Super 30 is a human drama and definitely worth a watch. Grossing over $1.7 billion dollars, makes Super 30 number seven on our list.

7. Total Dhamaal – 149 crore

A group of six people learnt about the 500 million Rupees hidden somewhere in the jungle. With danger at every time, the race against time really is on for our six protagonists, counting down the time until it disappears, will one of them be lucky enough to escape? This fun loving adventure film created a total of $1.8 billion dollars, placing it sixth on our Top 10 list.

6. Kesari – 153 crore

Based on the incredible war story of the Battle of Saragarhi, in which an army of 21 Sikhs fought against 10,000 Afghans in 1897. Kesari is based on a true story from events that happened in the bravent battle india ever fought. The Sikhs symbolize pride and valor, Ishar Singh (Ashkay Kumar) is a proud warrior, who still lives by his small communities rules, often finds himself in conflict with the British officers and as a punishment, Ishar is sent to lead a bunch of cheeky, lovable rogues into battle. This epic adventure film produced a massive $1.85 billion dollars in the box office for 2019.

5. Mission Mangal – 184.75 crore

Following the real-life story of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successful launching the Mars  Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan), creating the least expensive and most accessible journey to mars. This extraordinary film created a total $2.2 billion in revenue, topping the charts in fourth place.

4. Saaho – 190 crore

With the city’s under siege, people’s lives at risk, there is only one man who can stand a chance in taking the city back. This action packed adventure battles a story of a vigilante, backed by an arsenal of guns, defending his city from heavily armed thugs. The film made a staggering 2.3 billion in the box office and has rocketed up to third place.

3. Bharat – 201.3 crore

At the precipice of independence throughout the nation of India. A family make a treacherous journey to freedom, at a cost. A young eight year old boy Bharat, makes an important promise to his father that he will keep his family together no matter what happens. A promise he works extremely hard to keep over the next 60 years. An amazing $2.4 billion was grossed in the production of this film granting third place on out Top 10 list.

2. Uri: The Surgical Strike – 243.24 crore

The special forces in the Indian army, carry out a covert operation avenging the death of fellow army men, at their own army base by an evil terrorist group. The film uncovers the truths of evil activist groups and follows the struggle the army has to put up with, in the contemporary wars. The film made an estimated $2.9 billion dollars, almost topping our list for 2019.

1. Kabir Singh – 273.2 crore

The top of our list for Bollywood’s Top 10 Movies of 2019, generating a massive $3.2 billion dollars in the box office for 2019. Kabir Singh, a short- tempered medical student with a passion for English motorcycles and football, is left heartbroken with his girlfriend is forced to marry another man. Struggling with the current issues, causes him to develop severe coping issues, resulting in a self-destructive spiral of drugs and drink. The remake of a Telugu movie Arjun Reddy (2017).

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