10 Shocking Facts You should Know About Obesity

Obesity around the world is a serious problem. It is not just about looking good or fitting into your favorite pair of jeans, it is a matter of life and death.

Obesity is one of the most pervasive, chronic diseases in need of new approaches for medical treatment and prevention. As a leading cause of United States mortality, morbidity, disability, health care usage and health care costs, the high incidence of obesity continues to strain the United States health care system.

It’s estimated that at least 2.8 million adults die each year due to obesity! Sadly, that number doesn’t appear to be coming down.

Why are so many people struggling with obesity?

What is contributing to this alarming outbreak?

Find out in today’s list!

These are 10 facts about obesity you should know.

#10 Basically, obesity results from an imbalance of calories consumed and calories expended.

Globally there has been an increase in the quantity of energy-dense foods which are high in fat and a reduction in physical activity due to sedentary lifestyles.

#9 Globally 2 billion people are overweight or obese.

The number of people who urgently need to lose weight has shot up over the past 35 years. Almost a third of people worldwide are now overweight or even obese, an international research team says.

The number of people who urgently need to lose weight has shot up over the past 35 years. Almost a third of people worldwide are now overweight or even obese, an international research team says.

Their report was published on Monday (12.06.2017) in “The New England Journal of Medicine.”

#8 Being overweight reduces a woman’s likelihood of getting pregnant.

According to the National Institutes of Health, obesity is the reason why the fastest growing group of infertile women is below the age of 25.

#7 the U.S. is the most obese nation on the planet.

According to the 2017 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report, approximately 72.5 million American adults are obese.

Obesity is one of the factors causing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Obese men and women are doing something the Obama administration can not do: creating well paying health care jobs by eating themselves to death.

Look at these two maps showing obesity levels and diabetes rates. They are almost identical. Do you believe this is merely a coincidence? Lipitor manufacturer Pfizer (PFE), top diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk (NVO) and McDonalds (MCD) owe a big thank you to obese men and women!

The obesity rate for Americans aged 15 and over stands at 38.2%! Mexico comes in second with an obesity rate of 32.4%.

#6 Liposuction does not remove fat from around your organs.

It only removes the superficial fat. Unfortunately, it is the visceral fat which poses the most health risk. Of course, liposuction may give you the boost you need in order to start dieting and exercising.

#5 Lack of sleep is a huge contributor to obesity.

Why? Aside from messing up your body’s natural cycles and hormones, the longer you are awake the more you mindlessly bite, especially at night.

#4 Your mind, not your gut, informs you when to stop eating

Hunger is in the mind. Dr Suzanne Higgs at Birmingham University completed a remarkable experiment to prove it. Her staff gave a group of amnesiacs a lunch of sandwiches and cakes. When everyone had finished eating, they cleared off and brought in a new lunch 10 minutes after.

A control group of individuals with no memory problems groaned and refused any more food. The amnesiac group tucked in and ate the exact same again.

When we eat in front of the tv or while looking at our computer screen at work, we aren’t giving lunch or dinner our full attention. Our brain is not registering how much we’ve eaten and we may well feel we have not had enough. Higgs is working on a phone app so that people can take pictures of their snacks and meals as a reminder that they have actually had enough.

#3 To burn off a Big Mac with a coke and fries you would have to walk for 5 hours.

McDonald’s: Big Mac, large French fries, Coco-Cola classic (large) = 1,330 calories

Yoga/strength training: 6hrs 16 mins

Dancing: 4 hrs 11 mins

Running: 2 hrs 30 mins

Walking 4hrs 57 mins

Biking 2hrs 21 mins

Rollberblading 3hrs 8 mins

Cardio: 2 hrs 21 mins

#2 The food industry is acting as the tobacco industry did

Critics say it pays experts, funds scientific papers that support its case, rubbishes the evidence that goes against it and admits, as part of its involvement in the government’s Responsibility Deal, that it is making its products more healthy.

Big Food and the politicians that support the industry say there is no such thing as bad food. There’s an element of truth in that. One Mars bar (once promoted as a healthy, energy-giving snack with the motto: “A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play”) won’t in itself do you any harm. Daily sweet snacks, washed down with sugary drinks and supplemented with crisps, before a cheeseburger with chips, are highly likely to contribute to heart disease, however.

Large numbers of scientists advise that the food industry and take funding for study because they are focused on the micro, not the macro image. The “sustaining members” of the British Nutrition Foundation include Coca- Cola, Kellogg’s, Mondelez (owner of Cadbury), Nestlé, PepsiCo, Tate & Lyle, Associated British Foods and Unilever. The seat of the government’s nutritional advisory committee exploring carbohydrates, such as glucose, is Professor Ian Macdonald from Nottingham University, that has been an adviser to Coca-Cola and Mars.

#1 New Zealand has been known to reject visas when people are obese.

The main reason is that their healthcare system cannot manage to pay the high health costs associated with obesity. The system is already taxed because more than half of Kiwi adults are overweight.

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