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Must-Read Academic Blogs for Researchers and PhD Students [Top 10]

Most researchers and Ph.D. students have the habit of rampaging through the internet to meet other professionals from their field and science who actively seek quality information for their research projects too.

Students also pick the trend set by these research professionals from social media conversations for their own learning. Among all the forms of online engagement, academic blogs are the best resources that researchers and PhD students pursue for their work.

While there are certain blogs that aim to capture professional researchers and Ph.D. students as their primary target audience.

As for this discussion, let’s talk about some best academic blogs that researchers and PhD students spenthe d most time on.

Academics Write

As the name indicates, this blog revolves around the academic writing in all the disciplines. The owner of Academics Write, Kim Mitchell, has pursued the nursing field and is an Instructor at Red River College, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.

The blog talks about a plethora of academia including experience-led stories and anecdotes, opinions from SMEs, and research-based content.

Academics Write captures post-secondary teachers, academic writing experts and students and examine the value of writing, self-efficacy, misconceptions about academic writing, and discuss the situations when students can be allowed an extension for their projects.

Athene Donald’s Blog

Athene Donald, a Physics Professor at the University of Cambridge, has been in the teaching profession for more than 20 years. Unlike some of the other names enlisted here who focus ona coaching-based approach, Athene’s blog is more about the researchers’ understanding and perspectives.

Her articles cover the actionable pointers on what to do and avoid at academic conferences, gender equality discussions in the education system, and so on. Furthermore, she also adds some flavor of personal interests and preferences in her articles.

Belcher Writing Advice

Wendy Laura Belcher, Associate Professor of African Literature at Princeton University, owns this blog which mainly covers two broad topics, writing suggestions for students and researchers and teaching essentials for Africa.

Catering the first broad topic, Belcher’s articles focus on teaching how to write a journal article, book review, how to read journals, and how to acknowledge a peer-reviewed journal. The blog also shares some interesting articles mutual with Belcher’s interests in the African literature.

Beyond the Doctorate

Dr. Fiona Whelan is an Academic Standards and Quality Officer at Queen Mary University of London and manages the blog, Beyond the Doctorate. As she transitioned through pure research into a practical, real-world career, she created this blog with the aim to share her experiences with other doctorate students.

Specifically catering the doctorate-level students, Whelan talks about the difficulties that post-doctorate research students have to encounter, how to deal with various phases of an academic tenure, examining alternate careers in academics, etc.

Dan Cohen

Dr. Dan Cohen is a Vice Provost, Dean, and Professor at Northeastern University and writes articles on current trends in the IT industry, digital libraries, eBooks writing, web cultures, digital humanities, communication trends, science of publishing, and the impact of digital media in our daily life.

In one of Cohen’s post, he talks about a concept he termed as “blessay”. According to his understanding, blessay is defined as “a manifestation of the convergence of journalism and scholarship in mid-length forms online”.

Cohen further describes that blessay intends not to use academic jargons and aims to cater both industry specialists and general audience.

Diary of Dr. Logic

The blog is run by Sara L. Uckelman, Assistant Professor at Durham University, who writes on topics covering scholarly publishing life as an academic student.
Specifically speaking, Diary of Dr. Logic mainly focuses on Uckelman’s approach towards the logic of instructional strategies and philosophy, how to contain an appropriate work-life balance and productivity, and so on.


This blog is run by three individuals: Dr. Claire Aitchison, Doctoral Writing Consultant; Dr. Susan Carter, Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland; and Dr. Cally Guerin, Research Training Scheme Officer, University of Adelaide.

The purpose of all three moderators is to share ideas, information and visions through interactive discussion forums, regardless of where you are standing in your career at the moment.

Readers consume the content to refine their research writing skills through actionable articles on grant writing, different types of academic papers writing, mastering grammar, and publishing facilitation.

Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega, PhD

Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega, an Assistant Professor in the Public Administration Division of the Centre for Economic Research and Teaching, focuses on writing insightful articles on different aspects students undergo throughout their academic tenure such as reading strategies, academic writing, and dealing with other academic concerns.

Besides the core academic, Pacheco-Vega also expresses his own research and comprehension of public policy issues. He uses the blend of textual content with visuals and tweets to create a truly engaging experience for the readers.

Dr. Catherine Pope

Dr. Catherine Pope, an accomplished freelance research and writing educator, extensively writes articles on academic writing while specifically emphasizes on topics like fighting procrastination, planning the best writing styles for writing, and related stuff.

Pope also aims to direct her content to professional researchers for elevating their productivity and skills. Furthermore, she also maintains a flavor of technology and digital media by writing and categorizing blogs on the usage of Evernote and Zotero. Both the tools help professional researchers and PhD students to conduct their research and write papers in an organized manner.

Dr. Nadine Muller

Dr. Nadine Muller, Senior Lecturer in English Literature and Cultural History at Liverpool John Moores University, in her blog talks about the various aspects of an academic tenure and her experiences associated with it.

Through her blogs, she explains her viewpoints on how an academic tenure and environment should be like and how everyone in the education system should present and carry themselves. Her blog is frequently visited by postgraduate students and early career research professionals.

In addition to that, she also enlightens us on how to prepare for a teaching interview, prioritizing activities during your PhD degree program, and the mental well-being of both students and teachers in the institution.

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