Science and Tech Predictions For 2018

10 Science and Tech Predictions For 2018

With the onset of the New Year, expectations are high on the rise as every person across the globe looks forward to the fulfillment of dreams and predictions.

Personal or professional, this is quite a wide spectrum. Cutting off from the vast list, a majority of the people look forward to what is coming up in science, technology and business field.

From business magnets to tech experts, excitement is everywhere, and it is the time for them to reveal what is coming up in the next 12 months and what their expectations are.

Most people link technology with gadgets, but it is something more and much more than that. 2017 was a good year with the advent of new things like virtual currencies, artificial intelligence, modification of genes, etc.

Let us see few things that are expected in 2018 and what the global writing experts in science and innovation predict.

We have been very much excited by the developments made in 2017, and now it is time for the big results.


Though this has relation with the finance sector, yet this is one significant technological innovation. 2017 has seen the rise of several cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

2018 is predicted to see the introduction of more cryptocurrencies and a battle for sustenance. Till date, it is the only Bitcoin known as BTC that stands out in the crowd. But Ripple and Ether are on the second and 3rd place in line.

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10 Cryptocurrency Trading Mistakes

Who knows whether BTC can hold itself or fall down? No one can say. In a ratio of the global population and people knowing the concept of cryptocurrencies, the number is very small. 2018 is also predicted to see a difference in economy and finance.

More people will be interested in this entirely new technological innovation which might perhaps become the currency of the future for the advantages that it bears.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AP) – A perfect term to describe the mixture of the real world and digital information. Until 2017 we have seen people getting a quite big and heavy gadget in their eyes to experience the digital world through reality.

Many people are quite not familiar with the term and the things and gadgets. But 2018 is predicted or rather expected to see this augmented reality through a smartphone.

What Augmented Reality bring into reading activity?Pin
What Augmented Reality brings into reading activity?

Companies that are developing smartphones and operating systems along with supportive software have come together to make this a reality. The sector has a stiff competition, but people are waiting for that big announcement.

Apart from the AR apps, 2018 also looks forward to the development of VR apps and products along with that for a better ‘digital reality’ experience. And not only that, the products will not only be used as peripherals for occasional use but rather for daily use.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a mainstream conversation among most people starting from the common tech-savvy people ‘smartly’ using a smartphone to the big ‘honchos’ of the tech industry where ‘business’ is related. Innumerable researches have been done on artificial intelligence and fused with robots.

One classic example is Sophia who is also the first robot citizen having the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. It was undeniably a proud moment for Hansen Robotics where Sophia gave her speech at the GOOD Global Summit in Geneva in June 2017.

Indeed 2017 has been a successful year in this stream. 2018 is looking forward and is predicted to see a huge development in creating humanoid robots far more intelligent and smart than Sophia.

In fact, the coming year wants to develop these robots to help people in some industries like healthcare where they could assist seniors in elderly care facilities, assist visitors in large gatherings like in big events and parks, etc.

Through this technological innovation, humans can be helped in a more precise way which is quicker too by focusing on the problem, solving them and thus enhancing the productivity.

2018 is predicted and expected to see a lot of development where AI can claim human-level intelligence and possess the fundamental qualities that human beings possess like learning to be more empathetic. The year will see the development of ‘purposeful’ AI.

The list is huge where people are having high expectations, and there are much more which can be described in a few words. It is expected that the readers will understand what they might see in this year. Let us look at a few more of them.


2017 has seen a lot of ups and downs in the healthcare industry. With the onset of this year, it is expected that there will be developments not only in the contribution of technical support but also understand what exactly the problem is due to which the industry is in turmoil.

Developments will be made in the technological innovations to understand data that is collected so that people can be served in a better way. People will understand to solve major issues related to this industry like the price of drugs, poor health, prenatal care, etc.

Voice computing

The world somewhere has indeed become very fast, and today people do not type anymore unlike the past days. Most of the global population has started using a Smartphone where there is something called ‘voice-based personal assistance’.

All you need to do is say what you want. 2017 has seen the development of these personal assistants like Siri, Google assistant, voice-based apps that act like personal assistance etc.

Welcome, 2018 with the expectation to see this technology embedded across a wide range of platforms where most of the devices can be operated with voice command.

Fast Wi-Fi

2017 has seen the wireless broadband elevate to a more fast speed than the past years and 2018 is expecting to see the speed increase. With more people getting connected to the internet, there is a rise in demand for the wireless broadband and that too that gives a lightning speed.

People are expecting to see the 5G make its presence but that cannot be predicted. 5G might not declare its presence, but certainly, there will be the formal appearance of the latest Wi-Fi standards leveraging both kinds of spectrum efficiency. The year will also see several technologies combine with the Wi-Fi elements and LTE.

Weather forecast

2018 can see the social science of meteorology. Most people think that those that work in the meteorological department makes predictions just out of guess. That is a complete misconception. 2017 has seen quite a few hurricanes, and the departments have done their job well.


But 2018 will see research on how to use weather messaging and its relation to the public, how it is consummated, interpreted, the risk factors, etc. This will help to intelligently handle weather warnings streamlining them based on cultural norms and theories related to psychology.

Gene editing

Two very powerful and technological movements that are parallel to one another have declared their presence where treatments for rare diseases can be made. One is deep learning artificial intelligence, and another one is CRISPR genome editing.

In 2018 we expect to see developments in the treatment of more rare diseases that do not have any cure. With genome editing, patients with rare medical conditions can be treated to have a better life.


With the huge developments made in the technological field and their contributions to developing things that are a boon to the humankind, there is also the bane that man must accept. It is very tough to stop because everything has their pros and cons.

Weaponry is developing very fast, and the way technology is used, 2018 might see some of the top technologies used to produce devastating weapon systems.


And the buck does not only stop here. The development of cyber-weapon is not too far, and technology has advanced much to create one of them.


Well, a favorite among most people, innovations are going on to make the car ride and safe ride. Contributions are made by almost all car companies globally to prevent an accident on the roads. 2018 will see the self-driven cars on the roads equipped with cameras, self-computing with the aid of sensors and the enforcement of electric cars to save our valuable natural resource. Isn’t it great?

These are few of the things the things that are much in discussion among the people. The world is inevitable waiting for more innovations to come up.

Adding more to the list, 2018 can see the presence of wireless charging. This will be of the greatest use if it comes into public existence and is officially out. 2018 is also predicted to see digital subscription coming down to the normal level like buying the everyday needs.

There can be an artificial intelligence that will be given the power to judge people. Counterfeit reality can come into limelight.

Discussion about the AI ethics can go to a controversial limit. 2018 is also predicted to see the big companies grow bigger as they patent for the latest development in technologies.


Being humans, we have our expectations and dreams. Each one of us looks forward to a successful year. With the things that are expected and predicted to see in the New Year, it can be rightly said that 2018 will be a year of tech innovations.

However, being predictions that are based on what the tech leaders said, we have to leave things on time to see them materialize. 2018 looks forward to being a fruitful year where the people may reap the fruit of success for which the seeds have been sowed in the past.

What remains is the unknown which might reveal itself suddenly to you; you never know what might be upcoming. All we can do is just wait and see!

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