Top 10 Trends To Bring Changes in 2019Pin
Top 10 Trends To Bring Changes in 2019

Technology Trends To Bring Changes in 2021 [Top 10]

The rapid development of technology with acceleration has made it the principal factor for social, economic, and political changes in the world.

It has become a large spectrum of human activity, and therefore it has the potential of overpowering human minds. Though every technological up-gradation is created and invented by humans, humans may soon become lesser powerful in terms of technology.


Thorstein Veblen, a German theorist, has coined a term as ‘technological determinism’ and brought a theory explaining how it has spread from years after years, tearing down old developments and identifying new processes rapidly.

He also added in this theory that such fast-changing trends in technology could also control human behavior by putting a long-term effect on their psychology. It can change human behavior and relationships a well.

But, putting aside all the controversies with the development of technology, it is important to know how innovative inventions have changed the history of human beings or humans should be said.

Every day, there is an up gradation in the technological path where the ‘global village’ and its people live. So, have a look at the top 10 technological trends that can easily transform the world to the next level in 2021.

Research has come up identifying such trends and their benefits too.

Trend 1:- Intensity of ‘datafication.’

The world has developed from texting to whatsapping. Today, almost everything we do have a track of data breadcrumbs showing it as ‘encrypted.’ This increasing process has made an unprecedented exploration of technology in human lives.

In 2021, the process of datafication was likely to change a lot because a lot more messaging apps may get invented with unique features, and more data collection can take place. As every single data gets saved or encrypted, there is less chance of discrepancy with any action.

Trend 2:- Flourishing IoT and Mobile Marketing

Internet of things is commonly known as IoT. It encompasses smart or products that are connected to people in every single way. Gone are those days when your mother used to come and wake you up for work.

As alarm became an integral part of our lives, smartphones and other smart gadgets have also entered the flow.

Day by day, we are getting dependent on these products of technology. To put into the words of Raul Prebisch, inventor of Dependency Theory, people are accustomed to dependency. Once they realize that they do not have to put much effort into doing work, they become lazy.

Therefore, It also ensures a large growth in mobile marketing. People who are dependent on these smart gadgets will definitely buy them, and the market will flourish.

Research predicts that this will reach the zenith successfully by 75 billion connected devices within 2-3 years.

Trend 3:- Enhancing massive tech advances by computing power

None of the other technological advancements can work if there is no computing power. It is found that since 1975-2015, the computing power has doubled every two years.

In 2021, it was predicted that the changing trend would be the introduction of quantum computing. Computers are likely to become millions of times faster from now. The introduction of different Operating systems, antivirus and other advanced software will also develop the computing power.

According to tech experts, a quantum computer will solve the most difficult problems that recent computers are not capable of. Thus, this is indeed a historical change in the genre of technology.

Trend 4:- The successful rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The year 2021 is also likely to witness revolutionary changes in Artificial Intelligence. As computing power increases, machines are likely to learn a lot of things that people would not. Therefore, AI systems may become quicker and accurate.

These computers will be able to reduce more pressure by developing facial recognition software, human robots, gauges, and different emotions. So, computing can be fun.

Trend 5:- Automation to the peak of success

More robots, machines, and other gadgets will be invented, and thus there will be more automation processes for humans. It can happen that human jobs will be reduced as functions can be carried out by algorithms or robots.

This can create a hell of a lot of negative impact on employment. If machines are invented to do jobs that were done by humans, they will be replaced. Using machines is easier than keeping salaried employees.

Studies say that such developments and IOT invented personal assistance like ‘Alexa’ can be so dangerous that 50% of US jobs are already at risk.

Trend 6:- 3D paintings to go in a different direction

3D paintings are likely to help manufacturers in different ways. It would not require a lot of materials like metal, or any other hollowed material, etc. Here, the object is created by layering down the materials, and therefore, there can be a huge profit for the manufacturers.

A 3D painting can be made using any materials, starting from powder to chocolates. This allows much better customization for different products and can also boost packaging.

This can help to increase sales because packaging itself is the best marketing, as Umberto Eco has quoted that people buy the package first and then the product.

So, this has the potential to contribute to economic development all over the world.

Trend 7:- Interaction with technology

With the growing and changing trends, it has been found that people have become very much interactive with technology. Starting with Google searches for ordering food, everything has become so handy. Thus, studies say that Mobile web usage can increase drastically in 2019.

50% of the population will search by voice through the mobile internet. Thus, resultantly, Google assistance will become a part of people’s daily life. This is how the changing trend in technology will grow, and gadgets will become an indispensable part of life starting from birth itself.

Trend 8:- Development of Blockchains

Blockchain development has made a new dimension in the history of technology for protecting, storing, and authenticating data. It is an extremely secure database and can store innumerable encrypted data.

Why You May Invest in BitcoinPin
Why You May Invest in Bitcoin

As this service will develop more, it can be said that 50% of the business and other developments in the country will bring blockchains in business. 90% of European banks have already emerged in the flow.

So, in 2021, this will be a remarkable change in the industrial development segment.

Trend 9:- New platforms for new exploration

You all know about different platforms like e-books or video streaming. Research says that new explorations and inventions are on the way with the emergence of new platforms. There can be platforms for culture and arts, cooking, painting, etc.

Other industries are also likely to participate in the platform invention game and can come up with applications of their own. So, it can be said that this is indeed a very different thing that 2019 will witness.

Trend 10:- Security advancement with the development of private techniques

When there is an increasing trend in cybercrime, 2019 will witness a difference in protecting the data. It will bring different dimensions of saving data and also other information of an individual.

Therefore, the IoT gadgets will become very secure, and machine learning or virtual learning will become a part of everyday work.

Therefore, privacy and security factor will never be an issue for you. Indeed, technological development is a boon to the world.

Is there any curse?

Now, let us talk about the dark side of such technological development. When you are so dependent on technology, it does not end with merely uses and gratification theory. In this theory, it is said that people use a medium and then get gratified. So, is that the end of the story? Probably not!

Instead, the psychological impact of such technological determinism is something that is beyond our imagination. We cannot find a single day now where we can live without the internet.

Smartphones have become our bae. Food has become the second important thing, and the internet is the first. Do you think these are all the usual happenings?

With the technological renaissance, our emotional dependence is gradually getting into a deep sink. Every gratification is getting dependent on technology.

If your profile picture on Facebook goes unnoticed by many, you can straightaway go to depression. Theorists or psychologists say that people are living an entirely virtual life on social media. But..still! Technology has brought a lot of things to the world and has paced the development of human life. What more do you need?

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