Top 10 Reasons to Bring Your child to an Escape RoomPin
Top 10 Reasons to Bring Your child to an Escape Room

Top 10 Reasons to Bring Your child to an Escape Room

Escape rooms are one of the best ways to spend your time, and one of its most important attributes is that almost everyone can play escape rooms. Escape rooms don’t require expertise or prior knowledge, and this helps in attracting new players.

With the phenomenal rise in popularity, escape rooms have become a favorite for groups of friends, corporates, and even families. Naturally, escape rooms cater to a huge demographic which is not limited to young adults.

If you have kids and are wondering whether you should let them participate in an escape room, don’t worry, as below you will find ten reasons why your kids will enjoy escape rooms.

In this article, you will find 10 reasons that have been divided into 2 parts. The first part deals with the education and learnings that an escape room can provide.

The second part outlines the positive impact of escape rooms, thereby showcasing the importance of bringing your child to an escape room.


#1. Teamwork

This is a quintessential quality that is demanded from every person regardless of their age. Kids and children often take part in group activities and projects in school, but those activities are not as effective as an escape room can be.

With a timer that keeps running no matter what, kids will learn to cooperate and find their way out of a claustrophobic situation. This is why a lot of companies routinely have their employees take part in an escape room. It is also a very effective way to learn communication, a point discussed later.

The requirements to get through an escape room are quite simple and, on the face of it, are not complex, but people who routinely go to escape rooms know how important teamwork is and thus why a stranger or someone who lacks cooperative skills is detrimental in an escape room.

#2. Critical thinking

The reason why a selfish or uncooperative person might ruin your experience is that escape rooms are essentially puzzling rooms with tons of different challenges that almost always test your mental strength more than your physical strength.

Develop Critical Thinking at EscapeRoomsPin
Develop Critical Thinking at EscapeRooms

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This means a person who distracts r refuses to work together will be a nuisance. But if you have a good group, then escape rooms are an amazing way to sharpen your brain and train it in critical thinking.

This is especially true for kids. Many educational initiatives are now being taken to make educational escape rooms that will enhance a child’s logical and critical thinking,

Who knows, your child might be a genius or a prodigy at solving puzzles. Even if they aren’t, there is no reason for you, as well as your kid, to not engage in such brainstorming sessions in an escape room.

#3. Communication skills

We all struggle with ice breakers. That first small talk with a stranger. Even as adults, it is common not to be well versed with communication skills since we are rarely ever taught such things actively.

An escape room is great, for that matter, since you and a bunch of people stuck in claustrophobic space will have to communicate in order to escape. Being selfish, rude, loud, and a distraction is not appreciated in an escape room or your life.

Due to time constraints, escape rooms encourage people to talk about things that will help them escape the room and thus develop a strong discipline in conveying what information is needed for that sole purpose.

#4. Patience

So you might think that in a room that has a 60-minute timer, being patient would be the last thing to learn! Sadly, that is not the case. You see when a child experiences an escape rooms, they are bound to encounter a puzzle or stage where no matter what they do they cannot get past it.

This roadblock is experienced by us adults as well. Take the example of a video game level. No likes being stuck on a difficult mission, and the best thing to do in that case is to be patient. You only lose your focus and critical thinking skills if you let the puzzles or game level enrage you.

It is thus important for children to know the importance of being calm and learning to take their time.

#5. Don’t give up

A pretty straightforward reason. Escape rooms can be quite challenging, and you might fail them not once but twice. The important thing to remember in such cases is to keep trying and not give up.

Escape rooms, or more accurately, the puzzles, have a set design or pattern. The more experience you gain, the more familiar you become. At a particular point, you should be able to solve most of the puzzles with great ease.

But should you encounter a puzzle that seems impossible, giving up should not be an option? If your child learns to face such challenges and the importance of being calm in such situations, they will develop a great personality. They will definitely have a positive impact later on in their life.

#6. Family time

We all know by now that spending some quality family time outside of your home more often than not means only certain specific things like movies, drives, dinners, etc. While these are all fine by themselves, there is a saturation point to how many times you can do them.

Escape rooms are a breath of fresh air since there is not much saturation and most escape rooms keep things fresh with new puzzles and themes.

Spend quality time with your family at Escape rooms

Escape rooms are more often than not family-friendly and last only for 60 to 90 minutes. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and almost everyone in your family can participate in it.

As an added bonus, escape rooms can be great for bonding with your children or for them to bond with you. Them solving puzzles you cannot solve or vice versa is a moment of pride and joy for both the parties and is a win-win situation.

#7. Diverse

Listen, the first thing you ever discover about escape rooms is their diversity, whether it’s the themes or how they are played. Escape rooms are quite diverse, and you need to spend a lot of time with them to actually get bored or disinterested in them.

This makes escape rooms great for kids. If you want a family outing, escape rooms are great. If you want to prepare a DIY escape room at your home, you can do it. Want to spend some quality time with online escape games? You can do it.

Due to their versatile nature, escape rooms generally come in all sorts of themes as well. Fantasy, crime, horror, and thriller are just some of the many themes you can try. Some themes like horror can be a bit more mature, but it’s fine if you have older kids.

Escape rooms don’t lose their fun, and there is always something new to try, making escape rooms great places for kids to spend their time without getting bored.

#8. Immersive

This is another pretty self-explanatory feature of an escape room. Escape rooms are great for having an immersive experience. Not only do your kids get to explore some great fictional stories, but they can also play as their favorite characters.

With the introduction of Virtual Reality, Escape rooms have taken a step forward, and you and your kids will definitely have a great time in such escape rooms as well. Children, more than anyone, appreciate creativity and love fictional stories and characters.


The immersive nature of escape rooms makes people want to come again and again. This is the reason why when escape room tourism has experienced a boom. People want to escape their own lives and invest their time in a mystical, magical land.

#9. A great alternative

Escape rooms have adapted themselves well in modern times. Most escape rooms cater to all ages and organize events such as birthday parties. This is quite a welcome move since an escape room birthday party for children is a great idea for all the reasons listed above and more.

We also mentioned the rise of escape room tourism. This is because people and even kids while traveling want to visit and experience a different and unique escape room. It is a great and economically friendlier way of traveling and exploring new places.

#10 They are great fun

Escape rooms are great fun! and everyone should try them. Their interactive nature makes escape rooms perfect for all ages, especially kids.

With the sheer number at which new and more challenging escape rooms are opening, people will have a great time with them. Thus, no reason for you not to take your kid to their first escape room or their 50th escape room.

In conclusion

An escape room is not an isolated activity that only adults can enjoy. Many escape rooms have puzzles and difficulty levels, keeping in mind that even kids can participate. Many escape rooms have family-friendly themes that make it more engaging and interesting for kids and parents to have fun.

The most important thing to know as a parent for you would be to let your kid have fun. Escape rooms are built with the premise that people will have fun, and so as long they have fun, you should definitely take them as many times as you can.

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