Top 12 Fun Punjabi Dance Songs

Modern Punjabi is a very popular genre of music, known worldwide for its energetic and ecstatic bhangra back beat, combined with a joy-inducing rhythm courtesy of traditional Punjabi folk instruments. Some of these instruments include the dhol, algoza, and tumbi. This genre of music has reached the mainstream thanks to young South Asian immigrant communities looking to respect their heritage and revitalize their culture.

A fusion between traditional Punjabi dance music and Western music was sparked by an increase in immigration from the Punjabi region of South Asia to the UK and US, especially during the 1970s. This style of music delighted Westerners with its creative beats and catchy melodies.

Immigration continued to be on the rise in the ‘80s and ‘90s, which meant that Bollywood and Punjabi dance songs became even more popular. In the early 2000s, Punjabi dance music made a significant comeback in Britain. The highly acclaimed British film Slumdog Millionaire and its associated title track Jai Ho are what brought Punjabi music back into the spotlight.

In essence, Punjabi dance songs are great for weddings, Zumba classes, or family get-togethers. This style of music will be sure to get everybody up on their feet and bring them together, regardless of their culture or background. If you’re looking for a few tunes to help you get the party going, you’re in the right place. This list covers some of our favorite Punjabi songs, in no specific order.

1. Veervaar – Diljit Dosanjh, Mandy Takhar, and Neeru Bajwa

This is a great warm-up song for any Zumba lover and is one of our personal favorites. Veervaar is a track from the Punjabi movie Sardaar Ji, a fantasy film starring Diljit Dosanjh, Mandy Takhar, and Neeru Bajwa.

The song and amazingly cool dance routine that comes with it are fabulously performed by the charismatic cast. The tune begins casually and calmly, but immediately fires up with the bangra sparking a dance party in the background. Definitely a fun routine to learn!


Continue your Punjabi dance party with a dance song that’s part attitude and part style: Bang Bang by Kish Dee featuring BEE2 Taje & MCJD. This track is a fusion of Punjabi dance and hip hop, giving your party attendees some musical variety to keep things interesting.

3. Sithneyan – Jaz Dhami and Aman Hayer

Don’t be fooled by its quiet and traditional start, as this song really picks up and gets going very quickly. If you notice that you are getting tired halfway through you Zumba routine, Sithneyan is sure to give you a little more energy!

4. Miss Kaur – Bups Saggu feat. Master Saleem

Another Punjabi dance song with a traditional-sounding beginning, this bangra track is bound to keep everyone in an enthusiastic dancing mood. Combining two strong and unique vocals, this song is sure to be one that will be stuck in your head for quite a while.

According to the website of Bups Saggu, his inspiration for kicking off a music career makes for a sweet and sentimental story. It all started with his mother, who used to play the sitar and his father, who dabbled in poetry. He was influenced by the combination of his exposure to British pop music and Hindi film and musicals. All in all, it’s safe to say the artist was bound to dabble into music from a young age.

5. Imaginary – Imran Khan

This hip-hop style Punjabi dance song has the best combination of upbeat and slow, getting you pumped but then slowing the beat down to give you space to catch your breath.

This tune is produced by the Pakistani singer Imran Khan, who rose to fame in 2007 with his fantastic debut track Ni Nachleh. He continues to thrive as an artist and will likely keep up the good work for years to come, as long as he keeps releasing tracks like this one.

6. Sandaar ji – Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa

Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa have made it back onto the list with their title track from the Punjabi fantasy film Sandaar Ji. This song gained traction following the movie release but is also beloved due to its pop sound and traditional twist on the instrumental portions.

7. Narma – Jenny Johal

Jenny Johal inspires a feel-good and casual atmosphere via her track Narma. The music video in itself is unique, with a fun plot and creative colors that make the song even more memorable. This tune is great for your driving playlist – it will definitely inspire you to roll down the windows and sing like there is no tomorrow (even if you don’t know the words!).

8. Godday Godday Chaa – Malkit Singh

This track is truly one to celebrate and dance to! As you can see from the music video, this song’s upbeat feeling and traditional sound make for the perfect combination, inspiring everyone to get up and move their feet. Malkit Singh sings his heart out and his vocals add the perfect touch to the pop-tempo beat.

9.  Illegal Daru – Garry Sandhu

Illegal Daru is a fantastic addition to any Punjabi dance party! This energetic track by Garry Sandhu stands out thanks to its instrumental fusion with modern dance music. Add in the upbeat techno aspect of the song and Illegal Daru is perfect for when you’re warming up to go clubbing.

10. Holle Holle – Blory feat. Dr. Zeus & Shortie

Holle Holle is a track that was chosen specifically to help you wind down the party, as it boasts a considerably slower tempo than the other songs on this list. If your legs are tired and you want a chill sound, you can’t go wrong with this one.

11. Lamberghini – The Doorbeen Feat Ragini

Released in 2018, this catchy song quickly managed to reach over 225 million views on YouTube in record time, making it one of the most popular Punjabi tracks to come out in the last few years. Thanks to its versatile beat, the tune is great for both parties and lounging, making for a great addition to your driving playlist as well.

12. Aise Karte Hai Party – Hard Kaur

Guaranteed to get the party started, Hard Kaur’s hit has encouraged people to hit the dance floor hit ever since 2016. Upbeat and easy to dance to, the track also wins bonus points thanks to its simple lyrics, which ensure everyone will be able to sing along and have a good time.

We hope this roundup was a great introduction for those new to this genre of music, or for those of you wanting to re-experience some of the most fun Punjabi dance songs currently available. So, you ready to plan that party yet?

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