Top 11 Best Parenting Blogs To Follow

Parenting blogs are a dime a dozen. Any parent can buy a domain and host a parenting blog by telling stories about their experiences, meltdowns, joys, and tears. In this article, we compiled a list of the top 11 best parenting blogs to follow that have audiences of hundreds of thousands of parents.

What sets a great blog apart from the masses is the respect, value, unique content, compelling stories, and engaging community that the blog ultimately brings forth to readers. These traits have been examined across dozens of parenting blogs to bring you the best of the best. Each blog is categorized by what it does the best.

The Best & Most Useful Parenting Blogs to Consider

Here is our list of the 11 best parenting blogs out there, in no particular order.

1. The best option for all-around parenting blogs

Scary Mommy started with humble beginnings in 2008. Jill Smokler was only intending to use the blog to document her child’s life, but by 2015, a new owner acquired it. This led to a follower rate boost; it reached millions of parents around the world. Scary Mommy has a full team of bloggers, photo, and video staff.

ScaryMommy - The best option for all-around parenting blogsPin
ScaryMommy – The best option for all-around parenting blogs

The real magic of this website is that there are hundreds of relatable, engaging, and inspiring stories on everything from pregnancy to empty-nest syndrome. It encompasses parenthood to the fullest with a vibrant community that has fostered friendships around the world. You will also find plenty of support here on a myriad of issues relating to all things parenting.

2. The best “cool mom” parenting blogs

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Cool Mom Picks is filled with posts about the best gadgets, foods, tips and tricks for parents. This blog made the list because instead of promoting big business, it focuses on supporting women-run businesses as well as small shops, boutiques, and start-ups.

It’s as much about parenting as it is about empowering moms and other caregivers. You will find carefully curated lists of the best gifts for Mother’s Day, the best kind of baby wearing wraps, and similar topics to help you make the best choices for your family.

3. The best homeschooling parenting blog

Mommy Week is an Atlanta-based blog focused on homeschooling and organic living. Ashley runs the blog with an intent to inspire and motivate women everywhere. Her posts are focused on parenting as much as they are focused on self-care tips and managing the stressors of a busy life. Mommy Week also boasts badges that are testimonies of her blogging expertise and quality.

4. The best dad-perspective blog

a young father with his daughterPin

All too often, parenting blogs forget about the dads. How To Be A Dad focuses on the humour and love behind parenting. Andy and Charlie run the blog together, and their posts are full of witty lines and creative graphics. Their perspectives give other parents an outlet for laughing about extreme over-protection, camping trips, and family vacations.

HowToBeADad - The best dad-perspective blogPin
HowToBeADad – The best dad-perspective blog

How To Be A Dad is one of the parenting blogs out there that does something completely unique thematically.

They have an entire section dedicated to diagrams about parenting. They are intended to be hilarious, but there’s some truth behind them too. There are diagrams like “Children’s Classic Books Ruined With Modern Times” and so much more.

These Dad bloggers are a refreshing break from the Sanctimommy crowds. They let you know that parenting is not a drag, but a time to enjoy the wonders of children and what they bring to your life.

5. The best parenting hack blog

Parent Hacks is one of the parenting blogs you’ve always needed. The brilliant creator has also released a book, and she continues to foster a community of parent hackers on Instagram and Facebook. In addition to blog posts, there is a weekly podcast that centres around minimalist parenting.

A stand-out feature on the Parent Hacks website is an advocacy section. It’s not often that you find parenting blogs talking about advocacy. Her advocacy focuses on the health and well-being of mothers and children around the world.

6. The best parent and child style blog

Nadia, the creator of Child Mode, focuses on style and design related to parents and children. She runs one of the most detailed parenting blogs about all things cute and cool in the world of style.

Child Mode - The best parent and child style blogPin
Child Mode – The best parent and child style blog

You will find features of new products and ideas, personal style ideas and plenty of great kid’s style ideas to inspire your parenting. While her niche is within the style realm, you will still find anecdotal stories about cute moments in parenting as well as valuable tips and tricks.

7. The best parenting travel blog

a mother with her little babyPin

Autistic Globetrotting is a blog about parents who took their autistic son and another child on adventures around the world to give them hands-on experiences with the wonders of the world outside of their Southern California locale.

This is one of those parenting blogs that offers touching insight to what it is like to travel with children who have extra medical and psycho-social needs. Despite being focused on an autistic child, they provide a wealth of tips and information for all parents and families when they are embarking on their own journey.

8. The best humorous parenting insight blog

Mommy Shorts is a brilliant blog with lots of snark and humour. Ilana writes with passion and wisdom. Categories on her blog encompass parenting, personal stories, giveaways and lovely scrapbooks about her family life.

Mommy Shorts - The best humorous parenting insight blogPin
Mommy Shorts – The best humorous parenting insight blog

There are plenty of lists about her favourite things, travel, living in New York City and deeper posts about parenting wisdom. Ilana has also written a book for those inclined to read more about her parenting and lifestyle.

9. The best relatable mommy blog

Motherly features numerous real-life accounts from moms all around the world. They feature week-by-week, personalized guides that help parents figure out everything having to do with motherhood, from morning sickness to tackling a workout routine while taking care of a newborn.

Motherly was founded by two women, one is a journalist and the other is an entrepreneur. Between the two of them, they have five children. Motherly also features a team of experts, including paediatricians, psychologists, stylists, and more.

10. The best-lighthearted parenting blog

Babble is powered by a company that we all know and love — Disney. Contributing writers post articles to the site about a wide range of family advice, including parenting, pregnancy, entertainment, lifestyle, baby names, baby showers, and more.

If you’re looking for a blog to casually read, while still getting some advice from it, then Babble by Disney is the one for you.

11. The best survival guide parenting blogs option

If you’re a new mom (or dad!) looking for a blog with an all-encompassing survival guide, then Lucie’s List is the right choice for you.

Lucie's List -The best survival guide parenting blogs optionPin
Lucie’s List -The best survival guide parenting blogs option

Meg, the founder of Lucie’s List, is a mom to two girls and created this blog so that other parents could learn from her mistakes. Along with the blog, she created a weekly email newsletter called “Crib Notes.”

So, if you’re looking for articles on everything that no one ever told you about being a mom, check out Lucie’s List!

Making the Most Out of Parenting Blogs

All of these blogs are the best in their own way. They’re all excellent, regardless of how long you have been a parent, even if you are a parent-to-be.

You will find something relatable and valuable from each blog, and you will definitely walk away feeling less alone on the journey of raising little humans into compassionate adults.

Parenting blogs can be overwhelming, but these will bring you laughs and joy as you read through the stories and experiences of each family.

Do you have a favourite parenting blog that didn’t make our list? Let us know what it is in a comment!

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