10 Reasons to Use Aged domain names in 2021

When you start an online business or affiliate marketing website, you have several options for choosing a domain name. I will show you why aged domain names are important and can help you tremendously.

But before this let’s talk about the alternatives.

You may go to your favorite domain registrar and start checking names to find an available domain. Pretty soon, you will find that the domains with keywords or sounds catchy are already taken.

So you have the option to come with 3 words or more domain names or a unique word that nobody heard of, but you hope to transform it into a brand.

What is an aged domain?

First of all, the domain Age referred to the URL’s age (example – when it was first Registered. As you can see from the picture below, our domain name was registered in 2006, but we acquired it in 2014. - Aged domain namesPin – Aged domain names


Top 10 Reasons to Purchase an Aged Domain name

Below are 10 reasons I chose to purchase aged domain names when I start a business. Also, I will show you how to find the best one for your business and acquire it at a fraction of the cost.

1. Short & Easy to spell, brand-able domain name

As I’ve already told you best domain names with .com extension are already taken. It isn’t easy to find a nice one at a reasonable price. However, if you hunt for aged domains, you can find short, easy to spell, and brand-able domains.

These are domains that have been registered by businesses that went down or by people that registered to build a business but never actually did it.

In my case, is easy to remember short and brandable domain names.

2. Age domain counts in SEO

Domain Age is a Ranking Factor & Google cares about your indexed age. Check the answer of Matt Cuts regarding the domain age factor. In a nutshell, he says that domain age is a ranking factor, not very important but still counts.

3. Strong backlink profile

Still talking about SEO, the backlink profile is a decisive factor for ranking well in Google. If you start with a new domain, you will have to start building backlinks from day one, but if you go with an aged domain you start with a strong backlink profile built-in years by the previous owner(s).

Word of caution: You should avoid plague domains with questionable backlink profiles as they will do more harm than good. You can use a backlink check tool like,,, or SeoPowerSuite.

4. Brand mentions in publications

An aged domain, especially if it was for business, should get in years brand mentions from authority websites in your niche. For instance, has several links from


While I hunt for domains, I saw many that got links from CNN, TechCrunch, Forbes, and other reputable magazines and newspapers. You can always mention those on your new website.

5. Traffic

Traffic is an important aspect of your business, and you should not neglect it. Aged domains still may carry a lot of traffic from people who simply remember the domain address or follow an old link and visit the website.

For instance, think of an online community that was available for years, and its members remember the domain and visit it by typing it.

6. Content

If you purchase an old domain, you have good chances to recover its content using This website backups the internet by indexing websites.


If you use the same niche domain name, you should recover the content and recreate the articles. You will get traffic from Google, and the backlinks created for those articles.

7. Avoid Google SandBox

When you register a domain name, it may take several months, up to 6, to start seeing rank improvements. That’s because Google places new domains in a so-called Google Sandbox to protect visitors from seeing new, untrusted websites.

That’s not the case when you use an aged domain that’s already indexed in Google.

8. High Reputation

There are domains that have already got a high reputation in their niche on the market. It is a good bonus as it takes much time and effort to create a good reputation at the beginning.

If you have a chance to buy an old domain that already has a high reputation while also being highly ranked on SE, you are a fortunate person. Many companies spend years and sufficient sums of money to get a good reputation and become trustworthy.

9. Doing business faster

When you own an aged domain that carried business for some time, you will get approved in affiliate networks or advertising networks much faster. That’s because, like Google, they are very reluctant to accept new companies or sites that don’t carry on a good history.

10. An aged domain is an asset

If you read the 9 reasons listed above, I think you already understood that an aged domain is a powerful asset. Here are, according to Wikipedia, the most expensive domain names that have been sold till now.

Aged domain names sell for high figuresPin
Aged domain names sell for high figures

Having a domain with some age on it is a potent tool. If you’ve owned a domain for a long time, it has substantial value. DO NOT LOSE IT! If you’re starting a new website and are purchasing a brand-new domain, understand the ranking of the new site will take more time and work.

Where to purchase aged domains?

There are many places where you can find aged domains for sale. To list several places:


You can still find good, aged domains that are sold for several dollars on popular webmaster forums. You will not find a million-dollar domain name there, but still, if you have the time to look through the listing, you can find a domain name that you can sell for 5-10 times its acquisition price.

Domain Marketplaces

The significant advantage of using auction sites to scoop up your network of aged domains is that they are straightforward to use. There is a lot of inventory available.

Moreover, you can select based on categories and metrics relevant to SEO, Social Media, Traffic, etc.

Here are several marketplaces you should check:

  1. –  With over 700,000 domain sales since the set-up, Sedo is the best place to sell domain names. Sedo It is the biggest transacting platform for “secondhand” domains, which help people to obtain the desirable domain which is already taken.
  2. – With over 800K registered users and approx. Thirty thousand domain sales, Flippa is the most popular site for selling websites, domains, and apps.
  3. Godaddy Auctions –  GoDaddy has captured the domain market like fire. It is the world’s most established domain name registrar with 14 million clients. And it has over 63 million domain names under supervision.
  4. SnapNames – Snapnames is again another known company for aftermarket domain names. It offers around 30 million domain names.
  5. NameCheap Auctions – Namecheap is primarily a domain registrar and a hosting company and has a marketplace to buy and sell domain names. The marketplace has several types of domains like acronyms, advertising, auto, business, education, entertainment, etc.

Domain brokers

There are several brokers that actively hunt for aged domains and then put them for sale. One broker that we recommend is ODYS.

Odys.Global is a digital marketing company, which focuses on selling premium domain names. They check the domain marketplaces to find quality domains looking to expire and actively bid on auctions to secure these domains. After they acquire and secure the domains, they recreate the brand and put them for sale.

ODYS Global ReviewPin
-> Read our ODYS Global Review

By getting an account on ODYS.Global, you will get access to their entire inventory of aged domains.

Conclusion on aged domain names

Now that I’ve pointed out 10 reasons to use an aged domain name for your business, you should understand that you need to use powerful tools like Expired Domains Finder to inspect and catch awesome domain names.

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