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Top 10 Ways to Bring Spring Into Your Living Room

The season of Spring is synonymous with renewal. It is the ideal time to indulge in some post-winter renovation your living space desperately needs.

Taking a step away from the beautiful but at times lackluster seasonal atmosphere of a dull winter season, Spring offers you to take charge of your surroundings and brighten up, just like the blooming outdoors!

We offer you ten ways to inspire you to make some changes in the very heart of your home, to welcome the season with style.     

1. Plants Galore

Is there a better way to go about this than to bring to your tables and shelves, what is readily available in abundance outdoors? To decorate your living room most authentically during Spring, consider placing small potted plants, vases, hanging plantations as primary attractions.

Look for low maintenance varieties that can survive on non-direct sunlight. Not only will you increase your indoor flower correction, but your home plants will also help improve air quality.       


2. Spruce Up Your Walls

Spring means you need to step away from bland walls and wall coverings. The season also gives you the chance to try floral wallpaper, and experiment with bright paints.

Even if it is an accent wall, a coat of fresh paint has the power to set the mood. When deciding on the wallpaper, keep in mind the room decor. If chosen wisely, the wallpaper alone can transform the room and make it vibrant.

3. Sofa Setting

If a furniture revamp seems too radical, perhaps changing the covering is a good idea. Try bold and colorful shades to freshen up the atmosphere.

The sofa and cushions are the central figures in any living room, and a saggy pillow cushion is an eyesore, as is a flattened out sofa seat. To liven up your set, these are some great ideas to make do without having to spend on a new sofa set.           

4. Aroma scent

There exists no shortage of fragrance products, with an array of perfumes to choose from as per your liking. Welcoming smells evoke a feeling of calm, and the scent is an essential factor when it comes to setting the vibe of your room.

Aromatherapy is growing increasingly popular, and essential oil diffusers are an excellent way to welcome the season of Spring. Tea tree oil, lavender, sweet marjoram, citrus oils are all popular options.


5. Lighting

Lighting is an essential aspect of any room. Subtle, mellow lighting will amplify the soft look that you’re trying to achieve to mark Spring.

Adding mini pendant lights will bring a versatile and modern look to your house.It is affordable and at the same time, will add a luxurious look to your living room.

Conventional light fixtures like tube lights do not have the same kind of gracious, serene effect that smaller and subtler suspenders do. Additionally, cove lights and even dainty chandeliers can also work wonders.  

6. Soft Shades and Light Furniture

This happens to be the ideal time to work with pastels and light-colored furniture. White woodwork, coupled with green, purple or pink designs, will bring about a sophisticated look that covers the spring vibe well.

Choosing the right pastels also affect the tone of your room, so keep in mind the shades while choosing the cloth.

7. Curtain revamp

Curtains are an essential element. Replace bulkier curtains with light and airy curtains that let you bask in the freely available sunlight in these lucky few months. Choose floral curtains carefully so as they do not dominate the room and take over the other decorations.

8. Minimalism

Decluttering is essential when updating the living space. Home decor does not imply you fill the space with beautiful objects, as one too many centerpieces or side flower pots can seem like overkill. Stick to maximizing the area while also adding season-appropriate material, making sure it matches the rest of the room.

9. Centre table

Your center table is the focal attraction point in the room. Instead of merely having a decorative piece in the middle, one can celebrate the freshness of Spring by placing fruits and nuts in appealing basket holders as well.

If you have some space below, try to fit a magazine stand or a newspaper holder underneath to amuse the guests while they are seated there. Explore earthen options, like teacup candles, wine bottle decorations or the classic antique water can provide holder idea!

These will add an element of surprise and help make your home spring ready.

10. Wall Decor

Refresh your living room by letting go of the winter art pieces and bringing in a lighter, brighter artwork. This heavily influences the vibe of your room and gives the guests an interesting artwork to look at!


A spring revamp doesn’t call for complete remodeling. Making small changes and adding greenery to your living room is enough. It brings the extra touch of seasonal celebrations that might be the missing factor in your living space.

The living room can be made more inviting to reflect the spirit of the season by changing these several aspects of the room. With the winter season gone, having a change in our surroundings and paying attention to the interior designing in our homes will be a good welcome for the spring season!

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