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Clover Point of Sale System
Clover Point of Sale System

Best Ways To Track Point of Sale Transactions

Can your business benefit from immediate answers to questions involving on-hand inventory and updated sales-and-order information?

If so, then the best ways to track your POS transactions are through systems that are interconnected, customizable and easily accessed – even if you’re not on-site.

Tracking Business Activity Eliminates Guesswork and Mistakes

Retail and quick-service businesses can’t afford to be left in the dark regarding item availability when a customer places an order. Integrated POS and inventory-tracking systems enable managers and front-line customer-servers to be aware of changes in product stock and item availability when orders are first placed.


This type of integration can be vital for restaurant and fast-food businesses that need to reorder ingredients or prep certain items as demands change. Hardware-and-software POS packages such as those designed by Clover Merchant Systems also feature seamless integration and data syncing to QuickBooks for report generation and convenient monitoring of business performance.

Flexible Access to Information Means Improved Customer Service

Flexibility in accessing up-to-the-minute information is key in quick-serve businesses and real-time transactions. Tracking sales and ordering activity in real-time enables you to concentrate on the quality of your customer interactions. Mobility also matters; managers and customer-service employees may not always be close to a hardwired system.

Payment processing and Information retrieval that can be accessed remotely through mobile devices enhance the customer experience while also increasing operational efficiency.

Mobile options available through the Clover Point of Sale System, for example, enable fast and secure payment processing and information access without the need to be either hardwired or on-site.

Questions to consider when deciding on system features:

  • Will up-to-the-minute information be available?
  • Can employees’ activities and order processing be tracked?
  • Can sales and ordering trends be spotted?
  • Can customized reports be generated?
  • Can information be accessed remotely and conveniently?
  • Will customers find the system convenient?

Choose the System That’s Best for You

Devote some serious consideration to what type of activity-tracking and functionality your business will benefit from. A fully integrated and customizable package such as one of the many options offered by Merchant Account Solutions is a great place to start.

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