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Technology Certifications That Will Launch Your Career

Technology Certifications That Will Launch Your Career

We all know the tech industry is growing. We need professionals who can grow with it. You can earn a college degree in computer science. This can take years, and not all students can attend full-time. Depending on how many classes you take, it could take much longer.

If you’re looking for a new career with a steady pay, you can’t necessarily wait that long. This is why many students are turning to career schools.They offer certifications and structured training.

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No matter what kind of classes or certifications you choose, always keep in mind the knowledge is the most important part. Even if you have a piece of paper, the idea is to make sure you have certain skills. If you can’t perform in the workplace, you still miss out on many professional opportunities.

What does this mean for choosing courses and schools? Always look into the programs you’re considering. Knowing if they offer the certification you want is just one factor.

Students who have already graduated can tell you if they applied what they learned. They can also tell you how much support they got along the way and the cost. Sometimes, taking longer courses can help you save time later.

Consider Coding Bootcamps to Get Off the Ground

Many employers don’t want coders who know just one thing. They look for college grads because they have a more comprehensive set of skills. Unfortunately, you also have to take a range of general eds and other classes that aren’t directly related to get there.

This drags out the process and increases the costs. Coding bootcamps can be completed sooner at a lower cost. They teach students a small part of what they’d learn in college.

The trick is to narrow it down to the most important languages and skills coders need every day. So you get the practical skills you need without all the bulk. Once you’re done, you can get a certificate of completion or other verification of your work.

If you want a more comprehensive program, many schools also offer shorter curriculums. Web developers and other tech professionals can train in a fraction of the time. Imagine spending nine months in a web developer program fit around your schedule rather than four years or more in a local college.

If the school you worked with is reputable, employers can set expectations and take graduates more seriously.

Fine-Tune Your Knowledge with Technology Certifications

Sometimes, shorter programs and bootcamps will offer their own certifications. Other schools might offer different programs that help you earn several certifications if you choose.

Many certifications can be completed in a matter of months. Students can schedule night classes or attend on a conventional schedule. Some programs are also offered online.

What kind of certifications do many professionals consider?

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

The CCNA is one of the first certifications many tech professionals earn. It teaches you to work with enterprise level switches and routers. People who earn this certification should also be able to resolve common network issues. Depending on what your goals are, students can specialize in security, voice, or wireless networking.

CompTIA A+ Technician

CompTIA A+ is another primary level certification. It’s often used as a starting point for IT professionals. People who earn this certification maintain PCs, printers, mobile devices, and more. Graduates can apply for jobs like in-home support technician, desktop support technician, and help desk technician.


Network+ is globally recognized. It covers design and troubleshooting wired and wireless networks.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

CISS verifies the skills required to protect large and small companies from cyber attacks. Certified professionals need to build extensive technical and managerial skills. They can both engineer and manage information security programs across the world. How do you certify? The certification test covers areas of study including:

  • Security and risk management
  • Asset security
  • Security engineering
  • Communications and network security
  • Identity and access management
  • Security assessment and testing
  • Security operations
  • Software development security

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

The MCSE is considered a mid-level certification that can boost your career. It helps many people take the next step up. You can choose specialties including:

  • Server infrastructure
  • Desktop infrastructure
  • Private cloud
  • Enterprise devices and apps
  • Data platform
  • Business intelligence
  • Messaging
  • Communication
  • Sharepoint

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

Not every student thinks about project management when they first enter the tech industry. As you get a feel for everything, it could be the next logical step. Tech professionals work as a team, and they need someone to organize the process and delegate as needed. Like other professionals, many tech experts respect managers who understand the field. If you’re interested in taking the next step into management, CAPM can help.

Microsoft Office Specialist

Even if you’re not in tech, many companies want professionals who understand the Microsoft Suite. One of the great things about Microsoft is it’s used just about everywhere. When you become a certified Microsoft Office Specialist, you can explore a few certifications.

Some office managers and administrative workers sign up for these classes. If you want to get into cloud computing or technical support, Microsoft could be the most common product you deal with. So understanding it is a crucial part of your job.

Apple Certified Associate (ACA)

You might’ve heard of Apple geniuses which can be a great starting point for tech. Sometimes, people choose Macs over PCs. More often, people are using iPhones, iPads, and other Apple mobile devices. If you want to work in tech, it’s essential to realize the industry is going mobile, and you have to evolve with it. Apple continues to be a large part of that.

Become a Dynamic Part of the Technology Industry with Training

Any time you consider a career in IT, certifications can help you boost your resume. It’s not about the piece of paper you get. Employers are looking for professionals who can perform certain duties.

If you don’t have a strong resume with work experience or portfolio, they need something else to verify your skill level. Sometimes, employers look for certifications even with job experience. Once you get the job, it’ll be all about how you perform.

You can earn many IT certifications with different schools and other programs. The question is what skills are you learning and how can they help you reach your career goals? You would want different classes and skills.

Employers might look for more comprehensive programs with multiple courses. Certifications often provide a shorter way to build skills employers are looking for.

Some employers require specific certifications or a set amount of experience coming in. Others pay for employees to take the classes and pass the tests. When you do, you can be a more valuable asset to the company. So you can expect more promotions, higher pay, and more if you demonstrate your value through hard work.

Do You Need a Degree to Get Higher Paying Tech Jobs?

You can earn certifications that will help you meet the requirements of certain jobs. The tech industry allows many people to learn advanced skills through experience and on the job training.

So experts can move up the ladder without a college degree. Some people earn a computer science or other degree to demonstrate a comprehensive skill set. Once you get into the industry, it comes down to your knowledge and performance.

The tech industry is always changing. So professionals have to work hard to update their knowledge and keep up with the industry. Consumers have moved towards mobile devices and away from computers and laptops.

With the proper training, professionals can contribute to an ever growing industry. Certifications are just one of the ways you can boost your career.

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