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10 Social Media Tools You Can’t Live Without

There are various social media tools that you can make use of and it might be overwhelming to decide which of these tools you should make use of. To help solve this problem, in this top ten list we will take a look at some of the best social media tools that are really helpful.

#1 – Mention

This is a lot like Google alerts, but instead it is designed for social media. Like the name suggests this tool can help you to monitor your web presence on the Internet in an effective fashion.

Mention also comes with a few features that allow you to respond to all the mentions made to your brand and it also lets you share any news that you have come across with the rest of the industry.

#2 – Buffer

This is an analytical tool that incorporates social media publishing within it. Buffer is a really handy social media tool and this helps in sending your updates across to the titans of social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on.

It comes with an inbuilt analytical system that not only helps you understand the reason why certain posts seem to be working better than the other posts as well as helping you figure out the best time for posting any particular publication according to the needs of your target audience.

The features offered by Buffer do not end here, it also lest you to work collaboratively with your team and keep updating the account with fresh content on a regular basis. Also Buffer comes with applications for your Android or Iphone smartphone so you can easily manage your campaigns everywhere.

#3 – Feedly

This is a content discovery tool and it is really helpful for finding content. It not only helps you find good content but it also lets you share whatever you have found with the right audience without any difficulty.

You also get to subscribe to the RSS feed so that you can stay in sync with all the recent updates on various blogs related to the industry as well as upcoming sites. If you happen to be interested in one particular topic, then you can make use of Feedly for tracking content related to your area of interest.

#4 – MissingLettr

#5 – Zapier

This social media tool acts as a platform where you can connect with all the various services that you make use of and it also lets you synchronize them all thereby making your work much simpler.

Your team might usually make use of HipChat for communicating with each other, and then you can make use of Zapier to set up an option that would enable automatic notifications in the HipChat chat rooms for any latest updates.

You will also be able to connect all the different apps that you use on a single platform and this definitely simplifies your work.

#6 – Bottlenose

This comes with a brand new feature that has an inbuilt real time search engine that helps you consolidate all your work from social networking sites and various other groups and then it displays the resultant data in an order or according to algorithmic importance. The end result is the content you obtain that has been arranged according to its importance in descending order.

When you have all the information that has been arranged according to your needs then your job does get a whole lot easier and you also get to share the results you have all the information that has been arranged according to your needs then your job does get a whole lot easier and you also get to share the results you have obtained.

Another feature is that you can also opt to integrate Buffer with Bottlenose and this allows you to add any additional content as well as resources to it so that you can make use of it on a later date if you don’t want to overwhelm your followers with a lot of information.

#7 – Followerwonk

You can always make use of an analysis tool like Twitter Counter for instance for keeping a track of changes in the number of your followers, but then again there might be some cases wherein you might have wanted to go little deeper and analyze your followers a little more carefully. In such a case Followerwonk can be used, even this is an analysis tool for Twitter.

This tool provides you an analysis of the followers by simply segregating them according to different demographics and this lets you get a better understanding of your followers.

Perhaps the noteworthy feature of Followerwonk would be its ability to give you the specific time at which your followers are online and this helps you decide the time at which you should probably tweet to ensure a wider reach to your audience.

This tool also helps you know the time at which the people whom you follow are online as well. This really comes in handy when you have been meaning to start a conversation with someone you are following.

#8 – Quintly

This really is a very powerful tool and this can be used for obtaining a detailed analytical report of social media and it also helps you keep track of your business on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and so on.

Not just this but Quintly also lets you benchmark those features that can help you compare your performance against that of your competitors as well as against that of the industry as a whole. The Quintly dashboard lets you customize the tool according to your convenience.

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