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10 Kinds Of Social Media Addicts. Which one are you?

If you are active on various social media sites, you will come across different types of personalities on an everyday basis. These personalities are present in the domain of social media, so much that they have redefined the meaning of addiction with their constant virtual presence in every possible social media channel.

You have seen them and possibly have interacted with them as well; maybe they are a part of your friend circle.

Bottom-line, they are all pervasive. You will always find them on your feeds, in full glory, showcasing their obsession with chinchillas, their skills with hula hoops, or their skills of photography, and what not.

But before you roll your eyes and nod in agreement, have you thought that possibly you could have one or two or maybe all of these traits rolled into one individual. Because the types of people we will be talking about here can be applied to every individual at least once.

Each of these personality types has a significant contribution to establishing the social media as we understand it today. So without further delay let’s dive in to decode some such personalities that we witness regularly.

1. The Animal Lover

You can recognize these people from the constant posts about animals, be it an article or a photo or a meme, these people leave no scope for expressing their love for the god’s furry creatures.

They see a video of a hamster? You will find it shared on their Facebook wall. Their dog wagging his tail would make for a perfect picture to add to their Instagram page. And it goes without saying that any news about animal cruelty or negligence will be presented with a long rambling post, and will be debated over as if their life depends on it. Whatever it is, these people sure know how to keep the cuteness factor up on social media.

2. The Selfie Obsessed

Whether on the social media or off it, we have seen this type of people everywhere (occasionally, we are this type of people). Such is their self, or rather selfie obsession that you will find them posting selfies every day without fail as if it’s their routine.

And no, they are never satisfied with posting only one selfie at a time. There will be entire albums filled with selfies taken from different angles.

But hey! Life’s too short not to take selfies, right? So you may roll your eyes at them, but you can’t ignore their popularity either.

3. The armchair activist

Think opinionated posts, hard-hitting open letters, rants about the sorry state of affairs of the government, this person has done it all. Their walls are filled with posts from the propaganda of the Chinese government to the ordeal of Syrian children. They are all about the humanity on social media.

They feel passionate about various social issues and utilize the social media platforms to let their thoughts and ideas have free rein. Their posts often receive hundreds of comments both supporting and criticizing their views, which they’re ready to defend with all they have got.

4. The Sharer

You can also identify them as retweeter. They are the ardent believers of the phrase, “sharing is caring”, literally. These people rarely post anything from their personal lives, and they would rather share pictures, or blogs, videos, and gifs of others.

This is their way of making others aware that they are out there but either has a dull and monotonous life, or don’t wish to stir up controversies by posting their opinions, or they are plain afraid of people’s judgment or consider themselves too wise to fall for the social media frenzy.

5. The attention seeker

This is the person that lives for attention. You will most often find them whining and complaining about something or other in their lives on social media as if seeking virtual therapy sessions. This type of personality can be seen mostly on Twitter, posting how tough life is for them.

However, if they can’t sum up their ordeal within the 140 character limit, they will use Facebook. And if they have a picture to testify their miseries, it is likely to find a place on Snapchat or Instagram.

Now let’s all just admit that we have all been there, every one of us has at some point looked for attention, sometimes you just need an outlet to vent.

6. The verb creator

These unique specimens of people generally turn social media platforms into verbs. Their love for this part of speech is so strong that you would often find them using sentences like, “I’m so going to Instagram this right now”.

With their addiction to turn random words into verbs, they could be a grammar Nazi’s worst adversary.

7.  The Blogger/ Influencer

Whether it’s a written blog or a photo blog or even video blogs, Facebook or Instagram is often a potent platform for these people to cater to a large number of audience. You will find many different types of blogs from these people, covering diverse areas like healthy eating, fitness, lifestyle, or fashion, etc.

8. The Traveler

These people don’t just ramble about wanderlust; they actually experience it. Travel pictures on social media are always visually appealing; they may even influence you to pack your bags and venture out.

They’re those friends who have had the good fortune of traveling to different countries and got to enjoy the picaresque locales of a faraway land. So your Facebook or Instagram feed will be filled with their pictures. And that’s the way these people show everyone their escapades at once.

9. The Comedian

They say, laughter is the best medicine, and that’s exactly what these people go by. These types of personalities are known to offer you with your daily dose of laughter.

Whether it’s funny memes or hilarious status updates, you can always count on these people to bring a smile on your face. You will always find yourself scrolling through their Facebook or Twitter page or rewatching their YouTube videos because they’re a laugh riot.

10. The Silent lurker

You all have that one person whose social media existence is often doubted and, everyone believes they probably don’t use their accounts. However, it’s possible they’re silently scrolling through the feeds and your timelines.

You will never find them like sharing, retweeting, reposting any content posted on the social media platforms, all they do is just scroll through the feeds. They may not be comfortable to let you know that they are there, but they’re always watching, and always clued in about what’s happening in your life.

Now can I get a hallelujah if you spot any of the above-mentioned types of social media?

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