How To Promote Your Twitter Profile

10 Ways to Promote Your Twitter Profile

The opportunities on Twitter to build your audience are probably greater than on any other network and is easier to promote your twitter profileBecause Twitter is an informal social network you can grow your audience very easily. When you follow someone on Twitter it is more than likely that they will follow you back. 

However, because the audience on Twitter is so enormous it’s even more important that you are very specific about defining who your audience is so you can build a highly targeted following.

In order to create a nice active audience on Twitter for your content, you have first to build a list of followers. When you just started this is pretty difficult as you’re not a recognized authority nor a big shot (brand) in your niche.

Here are ten easy methods to promote your twitter profile.

1 Post your Twitter Profile URL on all your sites

Make sure your Twitter handle link is on all your marketing material: your website, blog, Facebook and LinkedIn page. Twitter provides code for buttons at this URL:

There are also third party developers that create plugins which can be integrated into your page, they also offer plugins for multiple social platforms. I use Monarch from ElegantThemes to see my social network followers and social media share urls.

2 Embed a timeline into your website

You can easily display your recent tweets with images on your website or blog by visiting this page. It’s really tempting for your website visitors to press the follow button if they can see how interesting your tweets are.

You can also embed public tweets from any user on twitter, favorites from any user, lists that you own or subscribe to and customized search results.

3 Add your Twitter handle to all your promotional information

Make sure you add your Twitter URL to any marketing literature like business cards, brochures, your transport, product packaging, storefront, receipts or anywhere you promote your business.

4 Invite your followers

Invite your fans and followers from other social networks like Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook by posting an image, invitation and link.

5 Add your Twitter link to your email signature

Adding a link to your Twitter page on your email signature is a really effective way of gaining followers.

Especially if you give your readers an incentive or reason to follow you by offering them something of value like a digital course, a discount coupon or inviting them to join for a competition or sweepstake.

6 Follow those that follow your competitors

Make a list of the accounts of your competitors and check them regularly. Then you can follow those Twitter accounts that follow your competitors. This way you will be sure that you follow active accounts and highly targeted to your niche.

7 Leave comments on blogs and articles

Leaving comments and a link to any of your related content and your twitter handle can be a good way of gaining followers who are interested in the same things as you.Instead of adding a link to your website which may be seen as a spam signal by many plugins like Akismet you can place your Twitter profile.

8 Write articles for other blogs

Many bloggers are looking for other bloggers to write guest posts, this is a good way of getting in front of a new audiences who may have a similar interests.

When you submit an article for guest posting include your social media profiles in the bio. Some wordpress themes have custom fields for social media accounts while other don’t but you can link them inside your bio text.

9 Follow your target audience

One of the most effective ways to build your audience on Twitter is to go out and actively find your target audience and then follow them. You not only draw attention to your profile when you follow a user but they are very likely to follow you back if they find your bio interesting.

Once they follow you back you will be able to start building trust and building a relationship with your followers.

When they start engaging with your content, retweeting, mentioning you and favoriting you, this will naturally increase your reach.

For that you can use social media tools like MassPlanner and SocialQuant. In conjunction with this tool or if you prefer to follow accounts manually, you should use ManageFlitter and remove accounts that don’t follow you back in a timely manner like let’s say 7 days.

10 Hire a social media management company

Social Media Management companies can help you reach new audiences pretty fast. That’s because most of them have a lot of knowledge on what works and what doesn’t on Twitter so will save you some time and money on your trial and error campaigns.

Check the latest social media expert roundup to find out some out of the box strategies that will help you promote your Twitter account with ease. If you need help with your Twitter account marketing check’s social media services page as they can help you.

With this ten super easy methods you can kick start your twitter profile and build a nice audience of your business.

What other methods are you using to build your twitter audience?

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