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10 Awesome Patio Design ideas For your Backyard

As the weather gets sunny and pleasant, we all start sitting in the outdoor spaces. In this pleasant weather, you can have gatherings and tea-time party with your family. Also, you can read your favorite book while having a cup of coffee in the fresh air.

This diverts our mind to outdoor space from indoor areas. Therefore, it’s important that you have a great outdoor space with incredible patio designs. This will not only make you comfortable but also attract the sight of the visitors. With a little effort, you can enhance the overall appearance of the outdoor space.

If you’re having a backyard then you can get inspiration from these trendy patio designs. Let’s have a close look at each of them:

Increase the look of patio with fire pit

No matter whether you’ve spacious back yard area or compact, you can easily build the patio around the fire pit. This will impart a classy look to the entire space.

This patio design can let you talk all night long with your family and friends.  To give it a more interesting look, you can use antique furniture and couch.

Retaining walls patio design

Saying wouldn’t be wrong that retaining walls in the patio area will add intrigue to any available space. There’s the availability of a number of walls designs that will complement the entire backyard.

Right from concrete blocks to natural stone, you can choose any one as per your style and choice. Making use of natural stones is a great way of adding depth to your outdoor space. You can ask the trusted Natural Stone Supplier to know more about this type of wall installation.

Shade in the patio with pergola

Pergola is always a great solution when you need some shade in the patio area. Covering the patio with pergola adds a splendid look. It can also be utilized for separating the area into dining, swimming pool, and sitting. For the area where the patio is uncovered, you can go for the giant wooden pergola.

These days, classic plant hanger design of pergola is in again in trend. It is designed to be attached to the deck of the house so that plants can be hung in an easy manner. But, the charm that this pergola will give to your entire outdoor space would be incomparable.

Water feature patio design

Another one of the important designs that you can get inspired from is the water featured patio design. A patio designed with water features like a small fountain, waterfall, etc. is the perfect way of adding extreme beauty to space.

The sound of softly falling will create a peaceful environment for the patio area. No matter whether you’re adding barrel fountain or multi-level natural stone fountain, it’ll provide an amazing effect to the overall property of yours.

Relaxing sitting areas with comfortable furniture

Whenever we talk about designing the patio, we don’t give importance to the furniture. But the fact is that furniture has that charm and ability that can add more colors to your patio area. Outdoor furniture needs proper focus while selections as they can either make or break the entire look of the area.

Natural pavers for the patio

Having a natural paver in the backyard is a smart decision when it comes to less maintenance patio. Under Natural patio Pavers option, you will get multiple stones cut stone, veneer stone, and cobblestone.

One thing that is common to all these patio pavers is that they all have the ability to enhance the charm of the patio space. If these natural pavers get coupled with rustic furniture and a fire pit then there’ll be no regrets at all.

Adding the element of grill gazebo

Needless to say, grill gazebo transforms the patio into an appealing one. In spite of making use of furniture, you can install a gazebo in the outdoor space.

The best part of using this gazebo is that it can be customized as per your requirements such as sitting options and lighting. It will surely increase the overall look of the patio especially when you have planned a BBQ or small gathering in the outdoors.

Arbor with planters and benches

When it comes to elegance and comfort, the first name that comes to mind is the arbor in the backyard to enhance the appearance of the patio. The main highlight of using arbor is that it is so compact that can be fitted to any patio.

Urban landscaping in patio

If you have small space in the patio then no need to worry, it can be transformed into an incredible one by landscaping. Ornamental grasses on the sides of the natural stone pavement will bring a touch of elegance.

In order to add more depth to the patio space, you can combine the wood fencing, lots of bushes and a comfortable seating area. What all you need to have a perfect weekend evening in the backyard?

Open patio with huge planters

Because of convenience and durability, planters are the best garden accessory when you’re transforming your patio in a raised and open area.

Right from ceramic planters to wooden planters, you’ll get a number of options available in the market. Just choose those that complement the entire area.


The best part of any outdoor area or backyard is the patio where you can sit all day long in the fresh air and enjoy the surroundings.

It is an extension of your home, thus, you need to design it in an elegant and enchanting manner. These above-mentioned design ideas are perfect if you’re looking for some inspiration.

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