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market your business using social media
market your business using social media

10 Effective ways to market your business using social media

1 Blogging

Yes, blogging! A blog is an easy way to build awareness and drive traffic to your website. Write about relevant topics and write good, high-quality content. Don’t compromise quality for quantity.

The blog also enhances your website’s SEO and the search engines value good content and reward it with better rankings. This means that a blog post can drive traffic to the website for several weeks, months or even several years after the post was published.

A blog is a cost-effective marketing tactic since every post you publish is a long-term asset that will help you build your brand and position you as an expert in your area.

2 Measure ROI

If you have not already started measuring the impact of your efforts in social media, now is the time. Although social media is cost-effective, it costs time. Start by setting up goals so you know what activities to measure.

Example of goals:

  • More fans
  • New subscribers
  • orders
  • Downloads of pdf

Then you measure, for example by using Google Analytics. Buffer is the most popular social media measuring tool, but there are also built-in analytics tool on many social media platform.

Of course, you also need to look at the costs, including man-hours and invested money. Measure, adjust and measure again.

3 Use check-in

Often times, companies think that the check-in feature on social media platforms is mostly for restaurants and bars, in other words, businesses that have local venues where customers go to, but it can be used for so much more.

Use the check-in function in your marketing and give something of value to the person checking in to incentivize them. The person checking in wants to know “what’s in it for me”. Here are some ideas on how you can incentive them:

  • Store – 10% discount
  • Dentist – Free Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Consultant  – 30 min free extra advice
  • Coach – Form with questions
  • Gym – invite a friend to the next pass
  • Tire company – tire change
  • Malls – collect 5 check-in and get a gift card

..and so on..

4 Use content marketing

Use content marketing to create interest for your company and to attract more people.

It’s not about selling your products or services on social media, but sharing posts with good content to create relationships and build credibility.

5 tips to successful content marketing:

  • Don’t sell
  • Create great and unique posts that people added value
  • Invite to dialogue & ask questions
  • Reply directly to comments
  • Find ways to help people who respond to you

5 Do not talk about yourself

I see this very often that companies only talk about themselves: see me, hear me, buy from me, me, me … In social media, it’s about sharing your knowledge and creating a relationship. with your audience Look at your 10 most recent posts.

How do they look? Of course, you will market your products and services from time to time, but do it right. For example, you can mix it with a good blog post, make a banner/image with your message in a blog post, or add some text lines to the blog post with a clear CTA.

6 Timing

Timing is extremely important for social media success. Have you thought about this before? Do you strategically choose how often to post on social media?

It can greatly affect your post’s performance so take time to think about! It differs between channels when posting a post for best effect and also how many posts you should make. There are lots of articles about this. The recommended numbers are:

  • Pinterest – 4-5 posts / day
  • Twitter 3-5 posts / day
  • Facebook 2-4 posts / day
  • Instagram 2 posts / day
  • LinkedIn 1 posts / day

However, the best is to look through your statistics and see what times you’ve got the best results.

7 Contests

Competitions always attract people. It’s a great way to attract people and get them engaged. Just make sure you follow the rules for arranging competitions on the social media platform you’re using.

Facebook competitions were common back in the days, but since the rules have become stricter, more companies have turned to Instagram. Look at what others have done and think about completing your contest with a suitable hashtag.

8. Use social media as a relationship tool

A big mistakes that brands and marketers tend to do when it comes to social media is use it as solely a promotional tool.
It’s important to think about what people are using social media for, and then reverse-engineering your strategy to best serve them. When you think about it, you realise that people aren’t using social media because they want to have ads and promotions shoved in the face, and so this means that if you provide them with that, they’ll run the other way.
The good news is that people want to interact with other people, other brands, and so on. In other words, social media is a relationship tool not a promotional tool. What does this mean? It means that instead of just sharing promotional message after promotional message, focus on using social media to build and strengthen customer relationships, because strong relationships lead to greater customer loyalty, which in turn leads to sales.

9 Use ambassadors

Using internal or external ambassadors is a very good way to spread posts and awareness about your brand on social media. Ambassadors can amplify your message and spread your reach.

10 Use social media for customer service

Using social media for customer service has become more and more common. Since more people are using social media, more people tend to reach out to brands on social for help with customer service related questions. This makes it extremely important to have the right resources to handle these inquiries.

It’s easy to capture issues that should be answered quickly. Reply with a personal touch but do not be private. Keep in mind that you represent the company.

Focus on solving customer problems in the easiest way possible. Another way is to highlight a problem and describe the solution.

Are you using social media for your business?
Will you use any of these 10 tips for social media marketing?

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