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10 Things you should Know before Investing in a New Cryptocurrency

Are you considering investing in cryptocurrency? There is no denying the fact that cryptocurrencies have created a massive market for lucrative investment.

With digital currencies like Bitcoin and others reaching the score of over USD 19,000 globally, the cryptocurrencies are gaining huge impetus in the recent times.

The individuals who are at the forefront of making investments observe the value of adding the high-risk cryptocurrencies to the profitable investment portfolios. Some of them even decide to start a blockchain business and create their own cryptocurrency.

A famous quote by Warren Buffet goes as “Never invest in something you do not understand.” While investing in the all-new cryptocurrencies, you must keep this note in mind.

Without having the proper understanding of what you are getting into, it is recommended to not risk your hard-earned money. Before you are investing in the latest cryptocurrencies, it is important to be aware of the pros & cons of your investment.

While the expert investors in cryptocurrencies might have a disposition towards making the investment in the high-risk, yet highly rewarding opportunities in the field of digital currencies, the overall risks that are associated with investments in cryptocurrency tend to be unique in nature.

While the global interests in cryptocurrency might be on a high level, the linked regulations that revolve around the scenario of digital currency might not help in keeping pace.

Cryptocurrency investments do offer the opportunity to increase the overall ROI significantly. However, the investors must make sure that they are doing proper research before investing.

While most of the companies out there tend to offer major profits, it is vital that the end consumers should look forward to investing only in the legitimate opportunities out there.

Here are some Important Points to Look out for while Making Cryptocurrency Investments:

Do Your Research Properly

Everyone, you would turn in cryptocurrency, there is some risk involved. If you are investing in some new crypto, it is important to do proper research before making any investments. Enquire yourself the following aspects:

  • Does it have a real team?
  • Is there proper proof of beta or concept?
  • Are you able to open the code base of the company?

Be Realistic

Cryptocurrency purchases have time & again been oversold from being rags to riches along with as much as 1000% gains. While this might have been the case before, and could occur again, it is important to realize that your investment strategy should not hinge on this aspect.

Try to be realistic and not develop false hopes of something magical happening in your case. While you are making the investment, it is important to diversify and stick to reliable stocks including Bitcoin, LTC, Ether, and others.

Try to be Vigilant

The concerns related to the overall security and hacks are pretty much avoidable – even when you are a non-tech savvy individual. This is wherein the role of vigilance comes in.

It might appear in the form of choosing the right, reliable Blockchain Company for managing your overall investment. When you select a reliable organization that has a reputable in-house team, it will help in ensuring that your entire investment is safe.

Track the Gains & Losses

Because crypto tends to be global and has not been yet identified as the form of “real investment,” most of the experts claim that capital gains, in this case, might not apply. Irrespective of the given fact, you should still try to manage your gains & losses for your own knowledge. It will also help in observing how your portfolio is performing in the global markets out there.

Join Some Reliable Online Groups

If you are skeptical about investing in some crypto, you can consider joining some online group like Facebook and others. Here, you can get all possible information that you wish to know in the form of user reviews and other vital information. To top it all, such groups also help you in being up-to-date with all that is happening in the given crypto scenario.

Track Your Overall Funds

Unlike the stock exchanges, in the case of cryptocurrency investment, you will be required to create several accounts in multiple portals. From such portals, you can buy cryptocurrencies along with other exchanges and trade the same for profits. As it might become difficult to track the available assets that are distributed across different online exchanges, you can consider making use of some reputed online portfolio checkers to track your overall funds and investments.

Invest in Only What You Do Not Fear to Lose

Losing significant amounts of hard-earned money could be a major loss in life. Therefore, it is essential to be alert and make wise investments of only the amount that you do not fear losing or find affordable to lose. The best advice, in this case, could be to go through the “Terms & Conditions” page properly to be cautious of your investments.

The reputation of the Development Team

Check into the reputation of the development team of the particular cryptocurrency company to be aware of the safety of your investments. Is the development team constantly trying to maximize its overall productivity and maintain reliable communications?

The presence of an active development team is a positive sign. You can also check the code repository of the company to observe the number of issues that have arisen over the course of the period and how quickly the problems were resolved.

The strength of the Community

When the development team of the particular company appears good, you can check into the strength of the existing community. Some of the leading cryptocurrency forums like Top Gold Forum, Finance Temple, CryptoCompare and Cryptorum serve to be reliable places to search for the same.

Determine the Trading Volume

The trading volume represents a healthy sign of liquidity in the available market. Usually, the higher is the trading volume, the easier it becomes to exit your position. This factor marks the presence of low risks and stability in the given market.


If you wish to ensure your success in cryptocurrency investment, it is vital to devise a plan and stick to the same as you properly manage the overall risks. Evaluate what is more profitable to build your own blockchain or to invest in existing new currency. On the basis of your goals, you should get involved in making cryptocurrency investment rewarding for you. Why do you wish to invest in cryptocurrency? Leave your comments below!

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