10 Spine-Chilling Creepypasta that will Give You Nightmares

Great horror stories are hard to come by these days. We all have to thank Hollywood for ruining the genre with cheap spinoffs, cult-classic reboots reeking of “I need more money,” and gory flicks that don’t make any sense. The best creepy stories are told in the dark, by the light of a dying candle or by the fire, on cold winter nights.

There is hope yet – Creepypasta, a horror subgenre born on the Internet has gained a lot of traction over the past couple of years; and for good reasons too. Storytelling is an art, and eliciting strong emotions like disgust or horror with a couple of well-chosen words is something unique.

So, to celebrate what could be the next dead time story, and, of course, in anticipation of the upcoming IT: Chapter 2, we have prepared a list of the best Creepypasta. Enjoy and try not to read them at night, with the lights off.

The Russian Sleep Experiment

Possibly one of the most notorious horror stories to ever circulate on the Internet, The Russian Sleep Experiment begins with five hand-picked volunteers who unwillingly agreed to participate in a psychological trial in exchange for their freedom.

The entire story scares because it was made to look like an actual medical log: with dates, medication, reactions, unforeseen incidents, and everything is better. As the story goes, the five brave men who ‘volunteered’ were political prisoners.

In exchange for their freedom, the participants would have to remained locked in a video-surveilled room and to stay awake for 30 days straight. A special gas would be employed to keep all subjects awake and reactive.

We don’t like spoilers more than you do, so we’re just going to say that after the fifth day, the experiment took a turn for the worse.

Since the human brain was not designed to stay awake that long, the five prisoners become some otherworldly beings that turn upon their captors. We should warn that this story is not for that faint of heart or easily freaked by squeamish details. Read at your own risk!


Slenderman’s tall and unusually thin figure has inspired so many stories, and, in one instance, became the topic of a court case that shocked the entire nation. According to the cannon, Slenderman is a supernatural being that lurks in the woods and preys upon lonely children or those foolish enough to seek him out.

The stories describe him as being unusually tall, very thin, and having a featureless face. His description becomes even more menacing, as most of the account portrays him as dressed in a black suit and tie, just like an undertaker.

Though a figment of the imagination, the suit-wearing demonic appearance was ‘yanked’ from the Underworld and brought in front of an American court of law in late 2014.

Preying on their friend’s vivid imagination and obsession with Slenderman, teens Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, lured 12-year-old Payton Leutner in a forest around Wisconsin.

The case files mention the fact that the two took Leutner to the forest under the pretense of playing a scary game of hide-and-seek. There, they stabbed the 12-year-old at least 19 times. It was later discovered that the reason for the assault and attempted murder was to appease Slenderman.

In late 2017, Weier was sentenced to 25 years in a mental institution

Robert the Doll

Initially, thought to be just another random Creepypasta on the Internet, it appears that Robert the doll exists. As for the stories woven around it, calling them ‘sinister’ would be an understatement.

According to the myth, in the early 19th or 20th century (timeline differs from one story to another), a servant employed by the Otto family gave young Robert Eugene a doll. The boy took a liking to the doll and would name it Robert.

Apparently, Otto was so found of Robert that he kept it throughout adulthood. Nothing weird so far; there are plenty of adults out there who cling to their favorite stuffed animals. However, the story of Robert the Doll took a more sinister turn.

In spending so much time with his master, the doll took on a life of its own and begun tormenting Otto’s family. It is said that doll preyed mostly on Otto’s wife.

As the story goes, Otto’s wife was so distraught by the cursed doll’s presence, that she was later committed to an asylum where she spent the remaining of her days. But Robert’s reign of terror would not end here.

Soon after Otto’s passing, the house was bought by a family who discovered the doll locked in the attic. The father took the doll, had it repaired, and gave it to his daughter. However, the child would refuse to look upon Robert and would throw a fit if the doll would be left in her room.

Robert the Doll was later donated to the Fort East Martello Museum. It can now be admired sitting on a little stool, holding a stuffed animal in his arms.

Believe or not, the doll still likes to play tricks from time to time. So, if you want to see Robert or take his picture, you first have to ask for his permission. Otherwise, he will appear by your bedside and torment you to insanity.

Annora Petrova

The story involves a sentient Wikipedia page and an aspiring skater from the United States. Annora Petrova, a figure skater that was said to be the next Sonja Henie, stumbled upon a Wiki page that was, weirdly enough, named after her.

She soon discovered that the page itself was sentient, and anything written in it either happened or was bound to happen. Tampering with unknown forces ultimately led to the downfall of the prominent figure skater. We will leave you the pleasure of reading the full account of Petrova’s harrowing story.

The NoEnd Mansion

Haunted mansions are full-fledged tropes in horror lit. It’s no wonder that every scary flick out there features one. Now, as the NoEnd Mansion story goes, the protagonist, who remains nameless, one day stumbled upon an add which promised anyone $500 to anyone bold enough to take a trip to the so-called NoEnd House.

To get the money, the person or persons had to cross nine rooms, each of them littered with torture instruments. Because no one likes a spoiler, we’ll skip the details of the brave adventurer’s ordeal.

The Gateway to the Mind

Of course, the Russian Sleep Experiment is not the only Creepypasta about science investigation’s gone wrong. Somewhat obscure, The Gateway to the Mind tells the story of a group of Christian scientists who attempted to contact God using the human mind as a gateway. As the story goes, a former convict is selected for this trial.

As part of the experiments, scientists perform highly invasive surgery on the patient. Were they able to contact God? We can’t say that for certain but, when you call someone, you never know who’s on the other side of the line. Be warned that this story is quite disturbing. Not as much gory, but disturbing nonetheless.

The Expressionless

How much horror can psyche endure before all the mental barriers break down? This is the very question readers are left with after reading The Expressionless, a Creepypasta cult-classic.

As the story goes, in 1972, a woman is wheeled into the emergency room after a witness saw her lying motionless on the street with a small kitten in her jaws.

The creepy part was the fact that although she had the movements of a human being, she looked more like a mannequin. We won’t tell you how the story ends, but suffice to say that the medical staff stumbled upon what we may consider as the embodiment of evil.

The Smiling Dog

Who out there doesn’t like dogs? Well, you will think twice before petting a pooch after reading the Smiling Dog. As the story goes, around 1992, a disturbing picture was circulating on the Internet. Called smile.jpg, this pic was tied to various disappearances.

Mary E., the only one who viewed the picture and survived to tell the tale, tells the narrator about what horrible things may lie behind a thing as simple as a photograph. Read at your own risk!

Jeff the Killer

Forget about Ted Bundy or Ronald Defeo Jr. Jeff the Killer is truly nightmare fuel. Disfigured in an accident involving a chemical spill, Jeff suffers a mental breakdown which made him go on a killing spree.

After butchering his entire family, Jeff vanished into the night. As the story goes, this favorite M.O is to hide in the closets of his victims.

Right before bedtime, from his hiding place, he whispers “go to sleep.”  According to the myth, if you fall asleep after hearing Jeff’s voice, you and your entire family will never wake up ever again.

Room 733

If you’re a big fan of Stephen King’s Room 1408, then this Creepypasta is just the thing you need. The story goes like this: a freshman moves into a new room. Nothing outstanding about that. However, the more he stays there, the more he becomes aware that the room might be a gateway to Hell. Sounds like nightmare fuel to us!


Are these Creepypasta stories real? We should hope not. Otherwise, we won’t get any sleep any time soon.

What do you think about these stories? Head to the comments section and let us know.

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