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10 Busted Relationship Myths

People are not solitary creatures and that’s the reason relationships make the world go round. Will tell you that they’re fun, but they will need quite a lot of work. Because such a thing doesn’t exist we will never come up with the equation that will help us have the …

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10 Websites Where you can guest post for free

Guest posting/Guest blogging is not just about getting backlinks. It is an opportunity to target new audience, increase subscribers, grow your online audience and build relationships with other influencers from your niche. Guest blogging can benefit you if you do it right. It’s a game not everyone can play, but to play …

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10 maps that explain Russia’s strategy

Many people think of maps in terms of their basic purpose: showing a country’s geography and topography. But maps can speak to all dimensions—political, military, and economic. In fact, they are the first place to start thinking about a country’s strategy, which can reveal factors that are otherwise not obvious. …

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