Foods that kill Sex Drive and Libido

10 Foods That Kill a Man’s Sex Drive

Don’t put these foods on the menu if you’re hoping to put your partner in the mood. Food and sex have a long, complicated history. For years we’ve heard that what we eat can have sexual effects that work on both a psychosomatic level and a physiological level.

Did you ever consider that there are also some foods that could slow your sex drive down to a near screeching halt?

An individual’s sex drive is determined by the ratio of testosterone and estrogen in their body because while testosterone increases a person’s sex drive, estrogen effectively decreases it. That’s why, if you want to increase your sex drive, you should gravitate towards foods and remedies that increase your testosterone level, and stay away from those that stimulate estrogen.

So here are 10 foods that can kill your sex drive. Avoid these foods, because they’ll decrease your libido and desire to have sex.

#10 – Ice-cream and cheese

These foods contain lactic acid that reduces the libido level.

Another unfortunate reality of the food industry is that cattle farms often inject hormones into their animals to increase milk production, which then ends up lacing the milk.

And when you use this milk for producing cheese, you end up with a product that is capable of killing everyone’s sex drive. So beware of mass-market cheese!

#9 – Mint

Mint Kills Your Sex Drive
Mint Kills Your Sex Drive

The menthol in the mint reduces the testosterone levels in the body and thus kills the libido of men slowly. It might be great for fresh breath, but menthol in mint is known to reduce testosterone level. And so your sex drive! Try a fruitier flavor to keep your breath and your libido fresh.

#8 – Fried foods

Fried Food Kills Sex Drive
Fried Food Kills Sex Drive

Fried foods contain trans-fat. It not only decreases the male libido but also causes the aberrant production of sperm.

Fried foods and foods that are high in fat (which, yes, means fast food in most cases) leave you feeling tired and sluggish. Shockingly, that’s not very sexy. Even worse, hydrogenated fats and oils suppress male testosterone levels. That double whammy is not worth that double cheeseburger.

#7 – Refined carbohydrate

Chips, cookies, crackers, bread etc. are some of the popular examples of refined carbohydrates. These foods cause the reduction of testosterone growth. It’s also responsible for the weight gain.

#6 – Chocolate

Chocolate Kills Your Sex Drive
Chocolate Kills Your Sex Drive

Another controversial entry on this list is chocolate, considering that chocolate has been well-known as an aphrodisiac for years.

While this may hold true for women, men are singing a different tune when it comes to chocolate and sex; chocolate actually lowers testosterone levels, lowering male sex drive dramatically.

#5 – Soy

Soy Food Kills Sex Drive
Soy Food Kills Sex Drive

Eating too much soy will cause reduction of testosterone level and sperm count.

This one isn’t all bad — for women, at least. Soy has high levels of estrogen, which means that ingesting soy products prior to sex will boost a woman’s libido significantly. However, for men, the opposite can be said. Eating soy boosts a man’s estrogen levels, doing a pretty good job of ending his sex drive pretty much on the spot.

#4 – Microwave popcorn

It’s one of the popular food items to eat at the time of watching movies. But scientific studies showed that it reduces the sperm counts and men’s libido.

Skip the microwavable popcorn. Definitely for the sake of your sex drive, but also for some more serious health reasons. Chemicals like perfluorooctanoic acid found in the bag’s lining can not only kill your libido but over the long term, can even cause prostate problems in men.

Switch to stove top corn, fellas. Still romantic and delicious, minus the unpronounceable chemical that’s slowly killing your prostate.

#3 – Sugar

Sugar Kills Your Sex Drive
Sugar Kills Your Sex Drive

Consuming a lot of sugar will give you a protruding belly in no time. And that brings on a whole host of problems, including reduced sex drive. This is because high blood sugar induces the release of insulin in your body, which reduces testosterone production, the hormone that increases your sex drive.

Plus, stubborn belly fat is known to produce estrogen, which is also a sex-drive killer.

#2 Alcohol

Alcohol Kills Your Sex Drive
Alcohol Kills Your Sex Drive

While bars may be a prime place for meeting people, they’re also a prime place for embarrassing sexual encounters. Of the limp kind.

Alcohol acts as a depressor in your body. It depresses your metabolism, hormone production, and nervous stimulation. Sure, that last tequila shot gave you the confidence to ask someone to come home with you, but it will also reduce testosterone levels and limit sexual function in both men and women.

#1 – Diet soda

Diet Soda Kills Sex Drive
Diet Soda Kills Sex Drive

Diet soda may cause your libido to sink faster than the Titanic. You see, diet soda – which contains artificial sweeteners – may cause tooth decay, headaches, diabetes…you get the drift.  But here’s the big one: Diet soda may also cause a loss of libido – therefore quickly putting out your bedroom spark.

The easiest way to improve your libido and improve your sex life would be to limit – or cut out completely – your intake of diet soda. A proper serotonin hormone level is vital for enjoyable sexual intercourses.


Are you surprised that any of these foods or drinks can lower a man’s sex drive? What other items seem to lower yours? Will you think harder about consuming any of these products? Tell us in the comments!

Consuming fruits and veggies with vitamins A, E and omega-3 fatty acids — such as organic strawberries, avocados and sweet potato — can help maintain a healthy libido.

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